here's how I got started...

here's how I got started...
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Saturday, August 1, 2009

cha was a WINNER and we have a WINNER!

CHA was definitely a winner...

The number of vendors was less, but that made for more relaxing days.

There was plenty of time for shopping, asking questions, watching demos, and doing our fab make & takes without being rushed.

I had a blast doing demos and answering questions, meeting friends, helping tim in his classes,giving away FREE stuff, shopping with Suze, going for fun dinners...
and having the much needed mojito!

Ranger's booth was buzzing every surprise there...

Each time I stopped to visit my friends @ the Maya Road was packed.
Again...this is the norm in their booth.

Stampers Anonymous was always busy too!

According to Ted (Mr Stampers Anonymous) studio 490 stamp sales were great. book orders were even better than we hoped for.

I'm soooooooo happy you liked my stuff!

We started the Florida adventure on Sunday evening with an AMAZING behind the scenes DISNEY tour...

I knew I was invited for dinner, but I had NO CLUE what else was planned.


Since Chuck is a 20 year employee @ DISNEY...we got a wonderful opportunity to "go behind those red velvet ropes".
I'm sure tim will tell you all about it next week.

I'm not one for scarry rides ...but I was brave & rode the "tower of terror".

Poor Mario is sporting a sore left arm from me grabbing it & holding on for dear life.

Mario said..." sure are strong!" as he was rubbing his arm to get the circulation back! HA!!

Tim & Mario probably have no ear druns left from me yelling...

AH...but it was worth it!
Thanks guys for including me on this amazing adventure.

I did take my camera...but I didn't even take one photo...
typical me.'s some EXCITING photos I think you'll like...

The RANGER giveaway box....

Ranger donated these 21 items, that I used in my book...

the inkssentials craft sheet
a set of Perfect Pearls
blending tool
replacement foam pads
a package of mini misters
pen nibs
3 archival inks
snowcap white pigment ink
9 distress ink pads...yes... NINE!!
gold paint dabber and
fired brick distress stickles

add that to these products...donated by tim...

there are 15!

3...yes 3! packages of fragments
hinge clips

ball chain
mini paper clips
mini pins
stencil type
5...yes 5 LARGE masks and his
texture hammer

THANK YOU Ranger & tim for being so generous to my blog friends!

The retail value of this box is $217.00!!!
How cool is that!!

So, if you've been adding the numbers...

there are 36 items in this yummy box...

I printed out the entries with the correct number...

We tossed them in a basket and I asked Rick to choose the winning entry.'re my friends...I don't want anyone mad @ me...

blame Rick!

Here's what he pulled out..


The winner is.........


Please email your address & we'll get this box packed & shipped off to you!

THANKS to everyone for the wonderful comments and for playing along.

This was so much fun that we'll be doing it again...SOON!


Time to unpack...
then it's time to...
make art!


scrappin-scrappin said...

CHA was a lot of fun! Thank you Wendy for posing for a picture with me! I'm like you and don't really like my photo taken, so thank you! Thank you to for the awesome tag you made, it is great! I have it hanging in my craft room already right where I can see it everyday as I work. Congratulations to the lucky winner of the box of goodies!

KAT said...

Eileen congratulations - you definitely won a HUGE box of goodness!

Wendy - sounds like you had a great time at CHA - I bet your fingers are really inky!

So on to the next agenda item - it's August 1st and 71 days until the CRUISE!!! So - what are we making girlfriend???

Have a great weekend!

Linda M. Cain said...

It's your lucky day! Congrats, girl! WHoo! Hoo!

I know you'll put them to good use!


Debby said...

Congratulations to Paperqueen. You r so lucky. Glad to have you back Wendy. I rode the Tower of Terror once and probably won't ever again. I think I had a delayed reaction to it and hurt my back. Too scarey for me!

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe I won! OMG, I am doing the happy dance here in the Bronx!
Thank you so much Wendy, Tim,
Ranger, and yes, Rick :)
Wendy, I emailed you my address.
I am so thrilled I just don't know who to tell first!

teri said...

Congratulations, Eileen. I can think of NO more deserving winner of this prize than you --- as you are always trying something new and always talking about every one of the people mentioned on this blog. (And always inspiring me to try new things along the way.) Way to go!!

Scrapthat said...

Congrats PaperQueen!! Enjoy your fabulous goodies!

Art By Wanda said...

Congratulations, Eileen!!! I'm so excited for you!!!

Thanks for the CHA recap, Wendy!! You are braver than me... even the name of that ride would scare me!!!

Unknown said...

Welcome Home Wendy and if I could type this next bit in green I would ... you know that ugly shade of jealousy green *lol* ...

Congratulations Eileen!

Seriously ... have fun playing!

Miss Iowa said...

WOW! What a great prize package. The winner will be busy for months. :) Congratulations!

Courtney said...

What a great prize. So when can we get our hands on your book?

Tona said...

Glad to hear you had such a great time at CHA.
Congrats to your very lucky winner.
Any word on when your book will be for sale?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Eileen!!
Wendy- Thanks for giving us a chance at such a wonderful prize. I'm crossing my fingers for next time!!

Anne said...

Congratulations, PaperQueen! Thanks Ranger, Tim, and Wendy for such a fun, wonderful giveaway! :-)

Jill W. said...

Congrats PaperQueen! What a wonderful surprise...excuse me while I go drool brought on by pure

carpediem said...

Congrats to PaperQueen on winning such a wonderful prize!!

Arlene Mobley said...

Congrats Eileen!!

Unknown said...

Sounds like you had an awesome trip. The Tower of Terror is my absolute favorite ride.

So, where and when will we be seeing your book first? I'm so anxious to see (and of course buy) it!

I already have all 21 of your stamp sets, and I'm having so much fun with them. Thanks so much for all you do, and all of your inspiration.

Your BFF Terry

Anonymous said...

Whoo hoo, Eileen!! Congratulations!

Wendy, you & the whole Ranger team are awesome - what a great box of goodies for Eileen. You are the bomb!

You rode Terror? YIKES! d

Donna said...

Congrats Eileen!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Boo hoo, sorry it wasn't me :( but congratulations Eileen - what a fab prize :)
Anne x