here's how I got started...

here's how I got started...
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Friday, August 29, 2008

The word from....MR STAMPERS ANONYMOUS's Friday. What happened to the last few days?? Why didn't I blog???

Kits, kits & MORE kits....but I'm winning the KIT-WAR!! I'm making good progress. The teaching is fun...kits are UGLY.

On to the news...

FINALLY...I have some Stampers Anonymous answers to your questions...

I talked to Ted, MR STAMPERS ANONYMOUS yesterday....

AND...I got some answers from him...

The clear acrylic covers that fit studio490 stamps should be up on the website by Tuesday...He set a very reasonable price of $20. You get a front & back cover & the 3 binding rings too. Think of the opportunity to customize these. I've done 2 & they are really fun.

When I find the update on the site, I'll post the exact page, to make your shopping easier.

And check this out... ask & you shall receive. Stampers Anonymous aims to please...

This is a plain version of the storage sheets for studio490 stamps.
When my friend Jessica was in the ST booth @ CHA...she ordered my stamps, (THANK YOU) but she also wanted extra plain white sheets, with the scallops, for storage of her clear stamps. BRILLIANT IDEA.
Since then we've had several requests, so Ted listened. These sheets should be up on the site by Tuesday too. They are huge...6 1/2 x 12 1/2... stamps can be stored on both sides, so each sheet will hold a ton of stamps. Again, a very reasonable price...he thought they would be $2.50. But...if they end up to be $3...don't shoot the messenger!
I really like the idea of being able to write the company name on the scallop, put them together with the binding rings & you have a very good way to organize your clears. Simple & easy...for use @ home...or for taking to crops.
And he also said stamp sales are GREAT! THANK YOU ALL...
Stores are already reordering! YIPPEE...
Set 2 is in the works! Some images are on paper...some are still in my head.
I'm taking a vacation day today. Hey...a girl HAS to shop!!
Have a wonderful long holiday weekend.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

guest artist ...THE watch!...and awards...

Debby Lewis sent me this layout. WOW! I was impressed with how many stamps she used!

Take a look!

Debby also included all the ingredients she used for this piece.

Here's what she said...
Can you just begin to imagine how much fun I'm having!?! LOL!
Yes Debby...we can see that you had fun!!

Studio 490 Stamps (Stampers Anonymous)

"on the dot" pattern paper

K & Co chipboard house frame

Lil' Davis chipboard word "family"

Grungeboard (idea-ology)

Anna Griffin Ribbon

Maya Road Sunshine Sheer and Chipboard Arrow

Tim Holtz's Fragments (idea-ology)

Tim Holtz's Butterfly Stamp (Stampers Anonymous)

Distressing Inks (Ranger)

Dabber (Adirondack) Ranger

Alcohol Ink (Adirondack) Ranger

Thanks so much for sharing DEBBY!!


Here's THE WATCH I told you about yesterday, made by Karen Morikawa.

Click for a bigger look.

Was I right?? VERY COOL??? She also sent another photo...but that's a gift, so I'll post that in a few days...


Now on to the AWARDS!

I got this award from Sherry Cheever and also from Paper Patti ( Patti Behan). THANK YOU. I also got one from Jenna Franklin, a LONGGG time ago...and never had time to get that one done. YIKES!! Sorry!

Here's the scoop...

This award is for blogs you really like to visit. As most of the awards go, you are to nominate seven blogs with their blog links, email them, post this award on your blog with the link going back to the person who awards you the award, and then they nominate or award seven blogs.

My choices are...

1. Suze...not only for her creations...but because her posts are SOOOO funny. She always says that the only reason she has a kitchen is because her house came with one. She makes me laugh, because she is quite serious about that! I can tell!

2. Linda Cain...she's the queen of metal & doodling. Tons of inspiration on her blog. Check it out.

3. Katie Watson...for her totally cool & unique style. She can pair red with anything & make it look sooooooo good.

4. Lisa Pace... because she is THE queen of classy glitter. Now she's on to something new. MOASICS, using a kit from Ranger.

5. Ali Edwards... I finally got to meet her when she demoed in Ranger's CHA booth. Just as I expected...She's TOTALLY cool & oh so nice. She's the originator of ALI DOTS, made with alcohol inks.

6. Claudine Hellmuth...another art chick with very funny blogging. Her new "sticky back canvas" from Ranger is a great new toy. It sure makes things so very convenient & quick.

7. want talent & inspiration?? For me...he's the ultimate! I'm happy to call him my friend.

If you're still here...

Due to popular demand...swivels continued!

Ok...I got the message loud & clear that lots of you have the swivels, but haven't used them yet.

Here's a few ideas to get you started...

For those of you taking my "Use Your Scraps Fragments Journal" can use the swivels to personalize your journal. USE those charms & trinkets you've been hoarding. Get them out & ENJOY them...don't leave them sitting in a drawer.

I used a swivel to "label" a piece of art I made for Maya Road's booth @ CHA.

And again...I used one with a Memory Frame from Ranger, to jazz up my CHA demo tags. If you haven't played with the Memory frames yet...they are REALLY fun. Hmmm...might be an idea for a post some day...

And I saved THE BEST for last.

These were designed by KAREN MORIKAWA (aka keychain) and were the make & takes for the Advantus booth @ CHA this summer. These are to die for cool!!!

Karen is a jewelry geuius. She wears THE COOLEST watch...with a band that she made from Idea-ology bits & pieces. Hmmm...maybe she'll send me a photo & I'll show you!

Take a look @ what she designed...

So there you have it...4 ideas to jump start your creativity. Just get the swivels out & PLAY!

Now about all those embossing folders...........

I ended up with the "Big Kick" machine. I went with the intention of getting the Cuttlebug...but the cute gals talked me into buying the Big Kick... I tried it...I LIKE IT!! I also got a few big dies to cut grungeboard...yep...the dies are...


I swear I'm addicted!

Come back tomorrow...

Debby Lewis will be the "guest artist"... with a really fun layout.

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, August 25, 2008

A tip for today...Take 2 ...

Swivel clasps...

Add a jump ring...and make a hanger!

Just a little reminder to look at things for what they COULD be.
It's so much fun when as planned.

Stamp (studio490, of course!) some grungeboard, add it to a Maya Road chipboard page, add the hanger...done!

Here's a closer look...anything can be a flower center...

And yes........... I took the plunge...thanks to all your comments...

I REALLY like the Cuttlebug embossing folders...Now all I need is some spare time to play...

Keeping it short today. I've got LOTS of kits to get done for upcoming classes. Anyone want to help??

Have a GREAT week!

Friday, August 22, 2008


I met Judy Hayes @ CHA. She's the postmistress somewhere in Minnesota. She's a real cutie...

Look what she sent me yeseterday!!

This beauty is made from the "Art by the Number" set, from studio490. Judy said she challenged herself to use every stamp in the set. Looks wonderful...doesn't it??

I LOVED the idea of using the corner stamp as a flowerpot! I've used it as a roof for a mini house and also as wings. I thought this was really a GREAT idea.

Thanks so much JUDY, for sharing!!
Keep up the good work!!

If anyone has some art to share...we'd love to see it.

Have a wonderful weekend and remember...
ps...the "art by the number" set is in the 8.3 supplement, page 13.
I guess all the Stampers Anonymous links I posted before just took you to the main site. SORRY! I'll try to be more specific with exact page numbers. make your shopping easier!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

THANKS...a tag with a tutorial and some talk...

THANK YOU ALL for all the posts & emails about being a cover girl. Believe me...I'm counting the days 'til the October 7th release!

As you could see, Ranger made himself comfy for the photo shoot. He got TONS of fan mail. For those of you who asked how I got him to stay put...FRIED CHICKEN. He loves it & he actually will sit like a dog & beg for it. Too funny!

Ok now...

A little talk...I've been meaning to tell you this for a long time. When I started teaching, a gal in class told us this story about being safe. She had used her heat tool for a project and left the room to take a shower. Somehow...her project fell over, right onto the switch, turning the heat tool on...which in turn started a fire on her worktable. She arrived back into her studio to find a pretty big fire. Luckily she only lost her table & a bunch of art supplies...not her whole house!

So...the moral of the story...BE SAFE!! UNPLUG your heat tool when you leave the room!! Same thing with an iron...don't take a chance! the tag...

The Maya Road design team was asked to make a tag for the monthly consumer newsletter. We were asked to add our name & a fact about us.

Here's mine... wbv loves flowers...

And here's the instructions & ingredients...I added Maya Road product numbers to assist with your shopping...NEEDS!
ENABLER alert!
I used one page of the 6 x 6 Maya Road square binder as my tag base. (CO25)

1. Cut paper (Fancy Pants) to size, round corners & machine stitch around the perimeter, with black thread. Ink the edges of the base with black Soot distress ink. (Ranger)
2. Adhere the paper to the base & pen stitch around the edge.
3. Stamp the metric ruler stamp (SMP944) toward the top of the tag as shown, using Jet black Archival ink. Accent with glaze pen dots. (Sakura)
4. Cover the chipboard letters, heart (C010) & leaves (C877) with peeled paint distress ink (Ranger) and stamp with screen
stamp (studio 490), using Jet Black Archival ink. Accent with doodling.
5. Adhere green scrap paper behind the heart. Stitch 2 jewel pins (TK022) in place, using black thread.
6. Stamp the scrolls (studio 490) & accent with dots from a glaze pen. (Sakura).
7. Add a strip of double stitched green velvet (DS965) above the ruler stamp.
8. Glue initials, heart & leaves in place.
9. Add 3 black felt blossoms (TK982).
10. Add a few stamped butterflies (SMP851) and some jewel flowers (TK985). I added some fun mini brads to the flower centers.
11. Hang with a loop of the double stitched green velvet ribbon.
12. Sit back & ENJOY!
Here's the link to the newsletter if you missed it. There are some really COOL tags from the other members...each with a unique style. And as a bonus...there are instructions for all of them!
Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

FINALLY...I can spill some beans...


Well...not exactly, but my STUDIO & Ranger the cat are!!!

This is the secret that couldn't be I got the word that I could finally share this exciting news.

Take a look!!! Click on the photo for a really big look!

I was thrilled when I got word that some photos of my studio would be included inside this special issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. It's called...STUDIOS. Hmmm...that makes sense...

Then...the story got better when it was considered for the cover. And the worse part??? KEEPING MY LIPS about killed me!

So...we had a conference call...then a professional photographer came...and above is the result.

The process was very cool. He took photos, we emailed them to Larissa @ CPS.

..she made suggestions.

..we bribed the cat.

..and ended up with this shot. The photos were tricky because the room has 5 windows & 4 skylights. The lighting for me, as an artist, is perfect, but from a photography point of view...not fun to deal with. The shadows changed by the minute. But he did a great job & I'm beyond thrilled with the photo.

The photographer is Jake Krancic. He's an amazing photographer & all around GREAT GUY!!

The first issue of STUDIOS was such a huge success that they were bombarded with requests for a second issue. It is loaded with great photos and TONS of tips for organizing. If you haven't seen's a must have.

I have to tell you that dealing with these folks was THE BEST experience. I've had many emails from Cate Prato...threatening to come steal my drawers...

she was kidding...I THINK??

She wanted a photo of me...I declined...she threatened to "photoshop" the cat's head on a body & say it was me...

she was kidding...I THINK???

I guess we'll see when this gets released on October 7th.

So...preordering info is here. It will be on newsstands on October 7th...

I'm anxious to see what's on the inside. I sent several room photos & some closeups.

I'm expecting LOTS of great photos from other studios & more organizing tips too. Floorplans, inspiration & MORE!!!

That's my story & I'm sticking to it!
The end!

Monday, August 18, 2008

This TOTALLY blew me away!!

You HAVE to watch this...

Patti Behan, Ranger's Marketing Co-ordinator, made a wonderful You-Tube video using studio 490 stamps & a new fun technique. The technique combines Ranger's new Snow Cap White pigment ink and my favorite distress inks. These 2 inks can be used together to create a very fun pastel effect. Use the white pigment & any color of distress ink...They all work. Even the Black Soot!! And...Vintage Photo is SOOOOO cool for backgrounds.
Stamp in the white, dry with a heat tool, apply the distress ink & watch the magic happen. TRY IT!!

Patti also had some GREAT tips to share. I had no clue why I would need the Fiskars Stamp press. She explains that. She also has a GREAT idea for the project sheet that comes with each studio 490 stamp set.

And...I was REALLY impressed that Patti used the poinsettia stamp...NOT as a poinsettia...but as an every day flower. I was wondering if anyone would SEE the possibility there. PATTI DID!! You can use any color and it works for any occassion.
That's Patti's card @ the top of the post.

OK...get going...check it out on Patti's blog. Let us know what you think!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Until the REAL thing comes along...

this will do!

Since I live 70 miles (one way) from the nearest real shopping...and I had this cool embossing folder just sitting there....I had to try this...

I bought the pasta machine when I saw some awesome clay embellishments. But...after purchasing the machine & a BOATLOAD of clay...I decided that I LOVE clay embellishments, but did not enjoy the process of making them. So...this poor pasta machine was banished to the back of the closet...


you all convinced me that I need the I tried this...

And, as you can see...SUCCESS!! I used the #2 setting & the folder went thru just fine.

Just a little Black Soot lightly swiped over the embossed area...COOL!

I'm off to try it on some Maya Road sheers and some studio 490 stamped grungeboard. Sounds like a fun experiment...

UPDATE after playing...#2 setting works GREAT with the Maya Road sheers...

The #1 setting embosses to try some metal...

The dust can stay for another day...embossing is FUN!
UPDATE #2...check out this MR birdie...I LOVED him before... but look how cute he is now...
I WILL be owning EVERY embossing folder VERY SOON...
Kathy B...I see now why you already do!!
And a warning...anything that's not mobile in studio 490 has a good chance of being run thru the pasta machine. Beware!

Happy weekend!
Make the most of it!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's so exciting to see this...

Here's the FIRST project that I've seen...made with studio 490 stamps. COOL!!

Sudie Alexander, from South Carolina sent this yesterday & made my day!

I LOVE the her layout & I LOVE how she used the ticket. It's interesting that she used it for journaling. I don't think I would have thought of that. Take a look...PERFECT for her story!

Here's the info Sudie sent...

Here is a layout using the ticket to art set.

It is more bright and shiny.

The picture was taken by Elise Wisener on our CHA trip.

The papers are by Sonburn.

Ribbons by Maya Road (whom I love!) too!! ha!

Tape by Prima.

Stamps by Stampers Anonymous, Studio 490 collection.

Sudie...Thanks so much for sharing your ART!!

Since you were THE FIRST & so kind to share...I'll send you a goodie package!! Send me an email with your address & I'll get it out to you!!

Like this art??

Please leave a comment & let Sudie know how much you enjoyed it...thanks!

It's almost the weekend!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I see a MAJOR shopping trip coming!

WOW!!! Thanks so much for all the great Cuttlebug info. I do appreciate your input...I bet Rick doesn't...oh well...He'll adjust!

Anyway...I WILL be shopping very soon....thanks to ALL of YOU!

And speaking of SHOPPING...

Sudie emailed me last night & studio 490 stamps have arrived in South Carolina. YIPPEE!! I'm so excited to see how they are used by others. I know what I had in mind when I designed them...but seeing other ideas will be fun. Don't make me wait too long. I am NOT patient!!

Show me what you make with them & I'll post your photos here. Sharing is GOOD!

Here's a CHA sample I made for Maya Road with some of their new stamps. Hmmm...I see that a few studio490 snuck in too...

Are you shocked that there is no vintage photo used here ???
Now I'm in love with burlap. It looks great with lots of colors...
Here's a little tip & a reminder...
Deb, co-owner of Maya Road makes us GREAT FREE templates for use with their products.
For those of you signed up for the "Use your scraps" fragments journal, check this out...
It's another option for the inside. You can make it a calendar instead of a journal...or it can be an address book.
Check out the templates here.
There are a bunch of cool templates in addition to the 2 I mentioned.
Think about this & get an early start on your Christmas gifts...You'll have fun and the recipient will be thrilled with a handmade gift from the heart.
That's it for today...
Make it a good one...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What??? No Cuttlebug???

I was talking to some friends @ CHA & the Cuttlebug came into the conversation. I was the only one in the group who does not own this thing. AMAZING...(shopper that I am)!

Anyway...I'm a stamper, not a scrapper so I never thought I really needed one.

Then I saw these embossing folders...

So, I brought them home...but NOT the machine. Still thinking...

Do I NEED this???

Do you have it???

Now it's YOUR turn to be an ENABLER...

Tell me all about it!

Do you LOVE it??? What do you use it for??

Should I buy the machine??? Or return the folders???

Talk to me!!
ps...the decision would be easier if it was BLACK...that's the OCD peeking out again!

Monday, August 11, 2008

flea market finds and a few other things...

Rick has his horses...I have my art, but the one thing we both really enjoy is the hunt for vintage things. Yesterday we took a road trip and I found these cool things...

The black box is a big steel HEAVY old mailbox. When I looked @ it...I just knew these guys would be the perfect fit...

HA!...I do have a good eye for sizes...So...this has a place now in my studio & is very convenient for storing tim's stamps. And look...

I even have room in there for his new releases. I LOVE it when things work as planned...

Why the #5??? For some odd reason, that number just appeals to me...I have collected quite a few...

Rick collects Starved Rock State park items. He worked there for 30 years & retired from there when he turned 50, a few years ago. We rarely find things for him, but yesterday he got 3 cool items. To say the least...he was thrilled...

We had a very fun outing & then a great dinner. No clean up. Works for me!!

Just a reminder for those who ask questions. I read every comment & try to reply to the person who asked the question. However...if you don't give me a way to find you..I can't answer. If you don't have a blogger profile, that's just fine.


BUT...if you have a question that you'd like me to answer...please send it right to my email. That way I have a way to contact you and you will get an answer to your question. The link is on the right sidebar... THANKS!!

So...for Lori...the class scheduled @ Scrapadoodle in Peoria in September is the Ranger Distress Ink technique class. Since it's my first time @ the store, we decided to get everyone familiar with the inks & tools & how to use them. I use these inks for every class I teach, so that helps everyone with the classes that are scheduled in the future.

Normally I try not to talk about sad things on my blog...but this made me feel so bad. My brother called last night to say that a very good friend of his died. 55 years known health issues...just fell over & died. My brother is devastated...

The moral of the story here??


No matter how busy life gets...take at least a few minutes each day for fun. Life is so fragile & short... this certainly was a reminder.............

So with that thought...I'm headed to studio 490!
Make it a GOOD one!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

questions...comments and classes...

Questions first...

The "use your scraps" fragement journal is indeed a class for this fall. actually bring your scraps to use...I'll bring the rest. Store owners will have all the info...SOON.

I'll be giving this class @ For Keeps Sake, The Crafty Scrapper and Frenzy Stamper...for sure. So...come join the fun! Additional info is on the sidebar to the right.

Lisa V...looks like I'll see you in Arizona for that class!!

I'm sooo happy that you like the journal...THANKS for all the sweet comments!

Nope...they're not mini brads...Those little accent dots on the fragments are made with the black glaze pen from Sakura. Try'll LOVE it, guaranteed~!

Someone asked about drilling into fragments. DO NOT TRY the CROP-A-DILE...I love it, but NOT for fragments. It cracks them...
A drill does work just fine. I used the Fiskars hand drill and you can also use an electric drill, if you're making a lot of holes...

I got a few laughs from your comments about the OCD...yep...I don't want an UGLY page in MY journal...trash it! I'm glad that I'm not the only OCD in the group! ha!!


My friend Cecile is in Ohio @ the Stampaway convention this weekend. Anyway...she called yesterday to tell me that she stopped @ a stamp store (SHOPPING!!)...I think it's called Stamp Your Art Out...and they had studio 490 stamps there. She was sooo excited that she grabbed a complete stranger & made her look @ them... ha! I had to get the kleenex out after that call!

So, they moral of the story??

They're SHIPPING NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEE!!

And, incase you are wondering what happened here yesterday ...A whole new ADVENTURE.

It was...very exciting...It's HAPPENING, I think...late September...maybe October??

VERY COOL...VERY TOP SECRET...stay tuned!'s KILLING me NOT to say a word to anyone...I got excited just typing this!

Let's get to another fall class...

This is the Make it Merry, holiday hanging class. We start with a chipboard base, from Maya Road, add distress inks, grungeboard & lots of studio 490 stamps.

You'll have the option to use different background colors and any choice of stamps, to make it your own!
Here'a another sample...

Yummy dimension with grungeboard...

That's it for now...Next on the agenda...getting all set for my class tomorrow.

Keep those comments coming...Like I said's NOT fun to talk to myself!

I hope your weekend is PERFECT!
Make ART!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Use your scraps journal...

Ok...I'll admit it...I spend LOTS of $$$ buying supplies.

Shhhhhhh...don't tell Rick!

Anyway, that doesn't bother me, but wasting supplies does.

So, this "Use your Scraps Journal" class makes me happy. It's a fun class that helps to use up those tiny bits & pieces that you have leftover from other projects. Since FRAGMENTS are small, they are great for paper scraps & left over tiny portions of rubons.
Have a few left over embellishments...but not enough for a large project?? You can USE them on this journal.

This is a great size...just 4 x 4, so it's easy to carry in your purse, yet large enough for actually USING.

And speaking of USING...

I LOVE bound journals & HOARD them...but actually NEVER use them. Why???

God forbid that I make a mistake...write something stupid...or jot down an idea that doesn't look as good as I had hoped. This journal has easily replaceable pages. Don't like a page??? Rip it out & toss it in the trash. Need more pages??? Just
remove the binding rings and add all the pages you need.
It's SIMPLE & your journal is still perfect!

We'll add a sheer scallopped page to the inside.

The inside has plenty of pages for notes, ideas...sketches.. whatever...

Here's the back.

This class uses ALL my favorites...Maya Road chipboard
covers, sheer page, stamps, rubons & embellishments.

Stamps from studio490 and Stampers Anonymous.

Inks...Ranger, of course!

Grungeboard, fragments and an idea-ology spinner on the front.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Flowers, FATE and friends...

Here's the story for today...

By now I'm sure you know that I'm addicted to flowers.

So, I designed this poinsettia for studio 490. Now keep in mind, I told no one about this & didn't show the stamp to anyone.

Take a look at the Trinket jewel flowers Maya Road made...a PERFECT fit. And believe me...they give NO sneak peeks to the design team...EVER.

But wait...there's more...

Look @ these felt flowers they made. Could they possibly fit the poinsettia too??'s fate & another option for using the stamp and the flowers.

TOTALLY...unplanned... FATE @ it's best.

I LOVE it when things are a perfect fit!

Now on to the friends part of the story...

Somedays it's hard to take the time to post & get very few comments. It's NOT fun to talk to yourself...( comments!)

ANYWAY...this makes it all worth it.

I got this email from Sarah today...she's a blog friend from Australia.

Your fabulous work inspired me to create a card for my monthly Inkurable Stampers challenge example, so I thought you might like to check it out! :)

Thanks for all your inspiration - I love checking out your blog regularly! :)

Kindest regards,

Sarah Schwerin IS worth it!!! Check out Sarah's, distress inks & grungeboard. It's outstanding!!

Thanks made my day!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Now about those Maya Road...

chipboard borders...

Here's the page from the catalog, for those of you who couldn't find them.

FUN??? See those flowers & leaves? I KNOW that they were made just for me...
Happy Saturday.

Friday, August 1, 2008

August first ???

What happened to July? I remember the 4th...I remember CHA...but...what happened to the rest of those July days?? PHEW.....gone in a flash...

Sorry for not posting the last few days. I've been busy. REALLY...Scheduling classes, typing class instrucions, getting class supplies ordered...sending supply info to stores...and talking to store owners on the phone. I think I NEED a secretary. Anyway...enough whining for today.

I talked to Michelle (Mrs. Stampers Anonymous) yesterday & we have a plan for something VERY fun. We think you'll love it. Can't say more yet...but this is something you've asked for & we REALLY want to do.'s been added to the to-do list. This will be fun...guaranteed. More info, just as soon as I can...

We also talked about the second studio 490 stamp release...That's been added to the to-do list too. The first has turned out to be a big hit. THANK YOU so much!! I'm THRILLED!! This has been a great adventure. I already have some ideas for the second set...

She didn't have the cost of the acrylic covers just yet, but as soon as she has the info, I'll let you know.

And yes...they will be available thru the Stamper's Anonymous site and at your LSS too.

Now for some art...

Here are 2 more pages from the Garden Journal that I showed a few weeks ago... This was a Maya Road CHA project...

I LOVE the border at the top of the pages. It's from Maya's their new chipboard sheets. They're 6 x 12 and there are 4 different styles to choose from. This one is from the "borders" set...& it has 6 cool borders included. They are just right for layouts, cards & mini books. Another must have is the petals & leaves sheet. As soon as I get a sample made...I'll show you how much fun that one is too.
Add some Maya Road chipboard letters...some studio 490 stamps and a little grungeboard... done.
This arting is fun stuff.
And speaking of fun...check this out. Suze started a blog...FINALLY. She writes just as funny as she talks. Imagine that!
Have a GREAT fun weekend!
Make ART!