here's how I got started...

here's how I got started...
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Monday, March 31, 2008

689 miles = fun & friends @ FKS

I've been thinking about this post ALL day and think I'll just list the FACTS...
1. Nancy & Timi ( see above) and the entire staff @ FKS treated us like royalty. Actually, it was better than royalty...more like FAMILY. From the bottom of my heart...THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!! You guys are WONDERFUL!
2. Nancy W, store manager is an absolute DOLL and extremely funny! Thanks so much for the invite and for all you did to get ready for our visit. Oh wait...she brought us a St Louis specialty...GOOEY BUTTER CAKE...low cal, I'm sure. NOT!! To die for good...
3. EVERY person we encountered in the store made sure we had everything we needed for successful classes. They were ALL very kind, sweet & funny. The TEAMwork is very obvious & I'm sure that explains the store's SUCCESS. Special thanks to Alita, Missy & Sue...
4. Our students were GREAT!!
5. 27 learned all about distress inks on Saturday.
6. 25 made Linda's cool framed houses. Each was unique & they all looked GREAT!
7. Our students were WONDERFUL.
8. I had my own PERSONAL announcer. THANK YOU Cindy! GREAT JOB!!
9. 16 made Maya Road's Keepsake cube with a grungeboard butterfly and a glass/grunge bud vase on Sunday. Both projects were a hit. They LOVE the grunge now too!
10. 17 made adorable fragments books. They ALL got an "A" for ADORABLE.
11. I had my own personal driver! THANKS to CECILE. She got the award for the longest distance driven to take the classes...500 miles ONE WAY ! WOW!!
12. Our students were SHOPPERS! The Stampers Anonymous trunk show was a HUGE success. We SOLD out & we had to take special orders!
13. Our students LOVED Maya Road too! Sold out all the Heart & Home tins & LOTS more! Special orders there too! I noticed when I was leaving that the muffin tin holding the trinkets metal flowers was looking pretty empty.
14. Ranger's blending tool was the hit of the technique class. That baby makes ALL the difference in blending. I think "spritz & flick" was the favorite technique.
15. We had a WONDERFUL weekend!
16. Whenever I ever hear anything about the GRAND CANYON, I will think of you Timi! It still makes me laugh!
17. Took my got it...NO photos...but check Sue's photos to see some.
18. I think they liked us...we're invited back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks again EVERYONE!!
ps...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MR. STAMPERS is Ted's birthday!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Me...and other random thoughts

Ok, Michelle...this is for you!

Mrs Stampers Anonymous said I NEEDED to post my photo on my blog, since most bloggers do... YUCK...

Random fact #1...

I HATE to have my picture taken. Absolutely HATE it. I'd rather have the flu...

So the above came to be, when this was an assignment for Maya Road. Each design team member HAD to use the canvas we were sent & use our photo. These were on display on the designer wall in our booth @ CHA. Since I don't scrapbook, this was pure torture for me. But, can't tell the boss no.

The fun part was using my favorite scrolls, flowers and chipboard alphabets from MR. Totally addicting...

I've been tagged quite a few times lately & I know I'm behind on answering. Also....I hate to keep tagging & retagging my friends again.'s another random fact you probably don't need to know...

Random fact #2...

I won a blackjack tournament in Aruba a few years ago. I LOVE to play blackjack. I love anything with numbers... was an elimination type thing, with a $10 entry fee. We started out with about 120 players ( most were locals who play @ the casino weekly) and we were each given $500 fake casino chips. The games were in 15 minute sessions. At the end of 3 hours...I won! Some luck, some skill & some good money management. When the end was close...some of the locals were cheering for me, which was really fun.

For my $10 investment, I ended up with $250.00 cash, free entry into another tournament, free dinners and 3 hours of fun. Plus... every day we seemed to see someone in town or on the beach who commented that I beat THE LOCALS and offered congrats. A fun memory... too bad I don't scrapbook!

Random fact #3...

I do my grocery shopping @ HyVee. Every week I take my $2 to the counter & buy a Lotto ticket with the hope of a BIG win... This makes me sick...

ONE person won the Illinois Lotto...3.25 MILLION dollars! Guess where the ticket was sold...YEP...MY STORE.

Was it me????? NOPE...if it was...I'd be in Aruba, not here posting.

That's the update for today. There are about 40 things on the to-do list to make sure that everything is ready for our classes this weekend. This leads to...

Random fact #4...

I'll be checking & rechecking to make sure that we have everything we need for a fun time! I do this about 10 times & drive myself crazy with worry that I may have forgotten something important.

The end!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

2 in one photo..a project peek & a tip

Here's an idea for your Ranger craft sheet...
I used red liner tape & adhered mine to a self healing cutting mat, that I found in the quilting section @ JoAnn's. It makes the mat more sliding around & you can actually see the grid lines thru the mat. Mine is out on my work surface & I use it every day for inking & stamping. An added benefit is that nothing penetrates it, so it keeps my workspace nice & spots or stains!
I played a bit yesterday (see photo above)...I should have been packing up the supplies for "For Keeps Sake" classes this weekend...but those fragments caught my eye. I couldn't resist... It starts with 2 pages of Maya Road's square banner book for the covers. I add a few fragments...some rub ons... some dots...It's not done...but I sure had fun!!
Gotta run ...LOTS to get ready for the weekend.
Enjoy your Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

grunge flower, metal trinkets blossom & another tool tip

I will NOT use vintage photo...

I will NOT use vintage photo...

I will NOT use vintage photo...

I scored some more stamps from Stampers Anonymous (yippee) I needed to get going on more samples for the booth.

My plan was to play with some new Maya Road mini chipboard alphabets, some of their new metal trinkets blossoms, some distress inked grunge, some of Tim's new Stampers Anonymous stamps and this paper from Creative Imaginations...

The base is a 5 x 5 canvas.
You can see that I stamped the metal flowers & curled them again...These guys are addicting!!

And for the tool tip of the day...
This is another tool that I grab frequently. Flat teeth to leave marks. It's great to squish brad prongs or to squeeze wire flat. Flat is better for gluing.
ALWAYS check your LSS first to see if they have them available. If not, use your HL or JoAnn's coupon & get them for 40% off.
CHEAP & very useful.

Now remember that OFFER I told you about after CHA???
Hmmmmmm... I still can't spill the beans, but we're working on it & it looks very promising for CHA SUMMER!!!! I am sooooo excited. You'll be the first to know!!
Stay tuned!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Jennifer McGuire, Stampers Anonymous & More GRUNGE!

I LOVE to read all the comments left here. This one made my day yesterday.

Jennifer McGuire said...
Just found your blog... and it is fabulous!

WOW!! ..It's from THE JENNIFER MCGUIRE! What a talented cutie she is. She is the reason I buy Creating Keepsakes every month...just for her cool tool/technique column. She just started blogging. Check it out here.

Linda Cain & I will be teaching @ For Keeps Sake in St Louis THIS WEEKEND! We are all ready ( kits, door prizes, Maya Road door prizes & chocolate) for 4 fun classes & wanted to add something to make the weekend extra special for all of you.

SO... Stampers Anonymous is doing a rare "trunk show" just for this weekend!! Come check it out & see a bunch of REALLY cool stamps IN PERSON!! It's sooooo much better than just looking @ the catalog. Trust'll LOVE them!

And finally...more grunge. If you have the Bind-It-All, you can use it with grungeboard. FUN stuff, but I think I've said that before.

Happy Monday.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Must have tools!

When I was making my projects for the Maya Road booth @ CHA, I knew that they would be handled a lot, so they had to be very sturdy. I would have died on the spot if a project fell apart in someones hand. Can you imagine??? HORRORS!!
This is how I stumbled across these guys. Actually, Rick gave them to me as a gag gift. I used to get it's times have changed...ha!
The key to getting good adhesion is to apply pressure after you apply your adhesive. They work especially well when gluing grungeboard to in layered flowers. Sometimes I use them on chipboard too, if I have a hard time getting something to stay put or if I'm gluing onto a slippery surface. I've been recommending them in my classes and we use them for every grungeboard class.
You can get them @ Home Depot, Lowes, Menards $2 or less & they are a great addition to your arting tools. I like all 3 sizes, depending on what the project of the day is. Make sure you pick up one with a long reach. I use that one a lot!
That's the shopping tip for today!
Have a fun Easter!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I love this thing!

Yesterday Mr. Fed-Ex delivered my inky/grungy class supplies from Ranger & this little present for me. It's their new craft spinner...blending tool holder. I couldn't wait for this guy to arrive. It's PERFECT! I bought 2 and stacked them, so 16 handles are convenient in a very small space on your work area. This is soooooo much better than digging thru the box where they resided before. You can add a third on top & have the perfect place for all 24 colors. The base was a green when it came out of the box, but thanks to Rick & his trusty can of black spray's now the right color for my studio.

GEEZ...I'll stop before I sound like an infomercial...

Hello...Ranger? I think I DO NEED the 3rd!

It's Thursday!

added..Andi had a question about the blending tool and the cut & dry not sticking to the blending tool. Here's what I told her, incase others need the same info...

What you need to use on the blending tool is the replacement foam pads. They are the same as the 2 that are included in the package with the handle. They come in a package of 10 for $5. The pads have the velcro type blue back that attaches & STAYS on the handle. The foam, in my opinion, is softer than the cut & dri & it's much easier to work with! It makes the blending so easy. They come from Ranger & your LSS should have them or can order them. If not, email me & I'll give you some store ordering info.

Happy blending!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A flower is a flower, unless ...

it's a BOOKMARK!!

This is a fun class, that I designed for Absolutely Everything in Massachusetts. We'll be making these grungy bookmarks in April. If you're in the area, come join the fun! We have 3 other fun classes scheduled for the weekend too.

If you look closely, you'll see 3 of Tim's new tiny texture stamps. These guys are PERFECT for projects on a smaller scale and ATC's as well.

We'll start with grunge, add some distress inks and go from there.


I've heard from everyone...EXCEPT the grand prize winner. me to claim your 4 new stamps!

I'll be sending goodie packages to ....

Sarah in the UK

Debby in SC

Diane in Il and

Erin in Ca.

That's it for Wednesday.

Enjoy your day!


Monday, March 17, 2008

What a weekend and a message from michelle!

Where do I start??? With the winners??

No...I like suspense...

What a FUN FUN weekend. We worked hard, but had a TOTAL blast!!! What a great group of booth workers!!

It started with 2 classes on Friday. We grunged & we did the mini Ranger U distress inks class. One gal who took both classes was Lorraine, who is from Australia, but lives in CHINA. She came all the way to the US for the convention (and another US stamping convention). She chose this convention because she is addicted to Stampers Anonymous. Talk about a ROAD TRIP and a LOYAL fan. I was thrilled that she won the door prize, since she traveled such a distance.

Saturday I got to demo ( NON STOP...phew...) in the booth. THANK YOU ALL for your kind words!! I was thrilled to show you how to use the distress inks and grungeboard. It was obvious that you like what you saw...we sold out of the grungeboard sheets, some inks and some stamps in the first 2 hours! Don't worry...Stampers Anonymous is shipping all of your orders for free...You'll get your packages soon.

Sunday was fun too. Many of the gals & a few guys...came back again to ask some questions, see more demos & to shop for more stamps and supplies. Some brought their friends too, so it was nice to see how excited they were.

Michelle ( Mrs. Stampers Anonymous) is a sweetheart. We shared a room & talked so much that in the 2 nights we were there, we never even turned the TV on. We talked about all kinds of fun stuff. She has read ALL your comments and is impressed by your your enthusiasm for Stampers Anonymous.

Now for the BREAKING NEWS.............. a message from Michelle and some VERY exciting news for 5...yes 5 blog friends.

Hi Wendy, Just wanted you to know that I loved reading all of the comments about SA!! There were so many I could not decide on only one. So I picked 5. Please send out the stamps I gave you and see if they could make some samples with them and email photos to you. I would love to see what they will make with them!!

Have fun today (in studio 490, cuz i know that's where you'll be)

HOW COOL and generous is that???

I LOVED her idea...I'll send out the stamps and the winner will make something, using your free me a photo & I'll post it on the blog for all to see!!

Here's what she donated...

The 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th place prizes go to...




and DIANE!!!


Now the DRUMROLL......................................

Here's what the GRAND PRIZE winner gets...A COMPLETE SET OF Tim's CLING MOUNTED STAMPS...This set was just released @ CHA last month...THANKS MICHELLE!

Here's the fun comment...The winner REALLY SUCKED up and it worked...

Stampers Anonymous
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways….
I love thee depth of rubber so pink
That stamps perfectly when layered with ink
I love thee many diverse designs
There’s one for every project of mine
I love thee purely, as my favorite tool
The art that’s created is way too cool

CONGRATS to GRETZ! These cool new stamps...all 4...are coming to live with you!


OK...The winners need to send me your address & I'll get these mailed out. I'll also include a bit of Maya Road'll NEED something to stamp on!!!


Don't forget......... get them inky...send me a photo of what you made & we'll share your art on the blog!

THANKS ALL for your comments and for taking the time to read all this.

Stay never know when we'll give more goodies away...

You guys are THE BEST!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

An omen...??

When I got off the plane in California for CHA, the first thing I noticed in the terminal was this shop. So, my thought was that it was a good sign. IF things went well, I intended to stop in before my flight home. Things did go REALLY I had to get us each a shirt to celebrate. I probably like the tags better than the shirts...I LOVE the saying.
Keep commenting 'til I get back on Monday. Some lucky stamp will be getting a new home.
I'm off for the inky/stamping weekend. I WILL be doing what I like & LOVING what I do.
I hope you do too!

Tagged by the boss & 6 others...

again! YIKES!!!

I've had this on the TO-DO list for 2 weeks, but now that Maya Road Caroline tagged me...I better do it, so I don't get fired! HA!


7 random facts...followed by 7 tags...

1. I HATE white pop dots. They should be outlawed. Black is better for art, because they are much less noticable. Think about it...Make a nice vintage looking project...those white pop dots are WAYYYY too much contrast & ruin your project. The only reasonable use for them is to attach chipboard to your craft sheet, when something needs to be painted.

2. If buttons are attached to a layout or art project, I think they should have thread in the holes...or brads...whatever. I think they look unfinished with naked holes and you see the adhesive too.

3. According to my brother...I'm not in this century, because I don't do texting. No time for that! If it's or send an email! I need both hands for art!

4. I HATE wire hangers. I only use padded. Who wants those ugly shoulder stretchy marks?? YUCK!

5. All my clothes face the same direction in the closet...yes...I know what you're thinking. She's a total wacko!! Don't care!!

6. I said before that I LOVE to vacuum. I even vacuum inside the refrigerator. caught one day & he thought I had totally flipped. But...those onions shed their skins in the veggie bin...sucked them right out & went about my business. Simple.

7. Now referring back to #5...I have the freezer drawer the same way.... all lined up & organized. My brother's girlfriend gets entertained when she visits by opening that drawer. It makes her laugh every time. I actually think she's trying to catch a mess...SORRY! It won't happen!

Looks like quite a few folks think I'm a nut case...Oh well...that's me.

Now for the TAGS...
1. Kim Hughes...rubber stamp ARTIST!
2. Michelle Cutts...Oh wait...she doesn't have a blog...maybe this will give her a gentle hint.
3. Candi Tardio...she shops more than I do!
4.Patti Behan...she takes care of my Ranger orders. Gotta suckup to her...
5. I'll do Ginny again...she always writes cool stuff. Sorry to nab you again Ginny!
6. Suzy Plantamura...she's back on our DT! YIPPEE!
7. Katie CHA suitemate!

CONGRATS to ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

We're over the 100 comments! Keep them coming 'til Monday's drawing. I think I'll have Michelle pick a number, so no one is mad @ me!! Stay tuned.

And the back of the fragments journal cover...kind of appropriate right here!


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Stamps, ink & another stamp question

Just a little peek @ the distress inks techniques class I'll be teaching in Rockford on Friday. I'll be repeating this later in the month @ For Keeps Sake in St. Louis Missouri. It's a fun class and it's actually a mini Ranger U. We play with lots of Ranger products, like the distress inks, distress embossing powders, crackle paint, mini misters & more. This class helps you use these products to their full potential.
THANKS so much to all of you for the comments about your favorite Stampers Anonymous stamps. Keep them've got 'til Monday! We have 71 comments...we NEED to get to 100, so only 29 more. You CAN do it!!
Now here's another stamp question. Let's talk about what type of stamps you prefer to buy. Are you a "wood mounted only" chick??? Love the "cling stamps"??? Do you only use one type?? If you LOVE the image, but it's wood mounted and you prefer you buy it??
What about the clear acrylic stamps??? Comments??
Inquiring minds want to know...
I'll be waiting to hear your responses.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Use your scraps...

When I talked to Kate from Absolutely Everything, she asked for a Fragments class. I had this idea in the works for a bit, but that was the push I needed to finish it.

What's so much fun about this journal, is that you can use up any coordinating leftover supplies. But it's ALWAYS fun to buy new too...

Anyway...the covers are made from Maya Road's square banner book. I also used stamps, rub ons, gel pens, the new INKSSENTIALS white pen from Ranger (OMG it's VERY COOL!!!) & buttons. Since the fragments are small...any tiny tidbit can be used.

Here's a peek of the inside. More stamping & a Hambly transparency page = FUN.

Bring your coordinating leftovers & join this fun class. We'll start with the basics & you can customize this journal with any theme.

And in other breaking news...

I got an email this morning from Michelle (Mrs. Stampers Anonymous) and she has read ALL of your comments. She said they are GREAT!!! Keep them coming & let's see what she decides to send for the drawing. I'm excited!! We'll draw on Monday!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Yikes..........I HATE computers!

Sorry for the lack of blogging. Here's the reason. When we got up yesterday, we had NO send or receive options from Outlook Express. NO EMAIL. All my friends live in my computer...NOT GOOD! ..So I made the first call @ 6am...and I finally called it quits @ midnight!!!...almost 11 hours on the phone yesterday to INDIA...yes...11 hours total and another hour this morning...but...we look like we're back in business. No one has a clue what happened or why it's working for the moment.
The customer service from HP was beyond terrible. But I doubt you want to hear that gruesome story. The next computer will be a different brand, you can bet the house on that!
I have read ALL your comments about your favorite Stampers Anonymous stamps...keep them coming...We HAVE to suck up to Michelle for the donation!! Every comment you post gives you an extra chance to win! I'll be with her this we'll see what she has to say and we'll draw the winner on Monday!
The class on Saturday was a total BLAST!!! They LOVED the grungeboard & the Keepsake Cube was the hit of the day!! I'd LOVE to show you a photo of the grungey gals..I took my camera...but got so involved that I FORGOT to snap a few pictures...must have been a senior moment.
That's it for today. Got to get things organized for the Rockford classes......THIS FRIDAY!
Thanks for stopping by...I appreciate it!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Grungey Inky Antics........

That's the motto for our class today. Start with these stamps, add some grunge, add some glass, add some distress ink and make this!!

And for the second part of the class...

Start with Maya Road's Keepsake Cube and their new butterfly stamp, add some grunge & we'll make this.

I'll also be doing these projects later this month in St. Louis at For Keeps Sake and in Massachusettes at Absolutely Everything, in April. If you live in the area, come join the fun.

The vase is the project for next Friday's class in Rockford. Let me know if you need any class info.


One last thing...
Keep those comments coming about your favorite Stampers Anonymous stamp. If you missed the post, here's the info.

Here's to a GRUNGEY Saturday!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Yesterday...A GREAT mail day!

Look what I got...a surprise in the mail!
Rick brought the package in & said...

"hmmm...looks like you've been shopping".

Me..."nope...I don't think I ordered anything"

...and I didn't.

Kim Hughes, the designer of these stamps sent them!! COOL huh?? The CURLS were just released yesterday!
THANKS for the good mail, Kim...You are one talented art chick!

On the TO-DO list today...

Get all packed up for the grunge class tomorrow in Bloomington @ Scrapbook Friend'z.

Order MORE goodies and supplies for the other classes coming up in St. Louis @ For Keeps Sakes and in Massachusettes @ Absolutely Everything. Looks like we're going to need more Keepsake Cubes, from Maya Road.

Work on more class samples...get the instructions all written...

Cook dinner. WHAT?? No arting to be done.

Just a reminder...Read yesterday's post and keep those comments coming!! Let's suck up to Michelle, so she donates that stamp!!

Have a GREAT weekend, my blog friends!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Stampers Anonymous, teamwork, free and meet Ranger

I had a GREAT idea today. I told you earlier this week that I'd be spending next weekend with Michelle, Mrs. Stampers Anonymous.

Here's my idea...I'll ask Michelle to donate a stamp to be given away on the blog. Free is fun!!

Here's where the teamwork fits in...I'll ask for the stamp...YOU NEED to post a comment, telling Michelle which is your favorite Stampers Anonymous stamp. It can be one you own or one you'd LOVE to have.

One post per person per day...come back every day with a Stampers Anonymous comment & be entered again. We want BIG comment numbers this time. Let's aim for 100! Hey...Michelle HAS to know that you REALLY love stamps & will promise to give it a good home! Tell her how you use your stamp...We like to share ideas...

Sound like fun?? Tell your friends! We'll give the stamp away on Monday March 17th. I'll even find something (GREEN) from my goodie stash to include in the package.

And for the Ranger part of the title..........

This critter showed up right before I left for CHA, about a month ago and has decided to live here. We had 2 names chosen...Rick did the anatomy check & HIS name is...
When he wants treats, he sits in the window box outside my studio & does tricks to get my attention. Works every time. I'm easy...........'s time for ALL OF YOU to start sucking up to Michelle.
Let the comments begin!
ps...if this works as planned...I'll ask Maya Road to donate sometime and we can play again.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Inside the cover...

You saw the cover yesterday. I told you it weighed a ton...Here's the proof...It's loaded with dimensional goodies...

......and the back cover. See those tiny rub ons again??

Words of wisdom for today...

Some posts are long...
Some posts are short...
As long as I share some art...short is ok.

Make your Wednesday WONDERFUL!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Maya Road, Stampers Anonymous & Ranger...

Today's photo is one of my favorite CHA assignments. It's loaded with products and embellishments from my 3 favorite companies...(see title, incase you can't guess who they are!) This baby took me a solid week to complete & weighs a ton. A week?? YES...I probably have 40 hours invested...I TOLD you I was slow...
If this paper is ever discontinued, I'll cry. It's Periphery, by Basic Grey. LOVE it!
If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you'll see what really thrilled me. Look on the "E"...for "the journey of a lifetime"....That's a mini rub-on from the UPC area of the rub on sheet. I wondered for quite sometime, if that was printed or an actual rub on..It's a rub on & it was a perfect fit, both for the title (Notes & quotes, for the journey of a lifetime) and the space available on the "E". Little details make me happy.
Now check out the Heart & Home ruler in the header. See the tiny "Maya Road"?? Same mini rub on. It's a small detail, but it finishes the project. Gives the street a name...
So...the moral of the story today?? Look @ everything, not for what it IS...but for the possibilities. WASTE nothing! Now if the words Maya Road aren't appropriate for your project...use the mini letters individually...not the right letters?? Mix them up with other fonts. Random is good.........See how much FUN this is??
Yesterday I told you about my thrilling invite to Absolutely Everything in Massachusettes. I worked on samples to send to Kate. I hope to have them mailed off to her in the next few days.
The day got even better...
Last night I got an email from Michelle Cutts...Mrs. STAMPERS ANONYMOUS. I'm teaching 2 inky grungey classes @ the convention in Rockford, Illinois, on Friday March 14th. Guess what??? Ted (Mr. STAMPERS ANONYMOUS) can't be get to demo in their booth! So...if you're in the Rockford area...come play with stamps, ink & grungeboard. It's great fun!
Time to get to work. I think I'm busier now than when I had a real job. RETIRED??? Not really...but I've NEVER been happier!
THANKS ...Maya Road, Stampers Anonymous & Ranger! Actually tim & Robin...
Enjoy the day!
ps...edited...Mr Blogger won't allow me to put spaces between the paragraphs...drives me I had to add the stars...sorry!

Monday, March 3, 2008

What an honor!!!!!!

WOOHOO!!! But...Following Tim & Robin?? Now that's scarry...

I've been invited to teach @ Absolutely Everything in Massachusettes. I spoke with Kate today and all 4 of the classes are chosen & arranged and the dates are set. Even got my airfare confirmed, which explains the late blog update.

SO...just a few hints for now...Here's one...

Do you like my banner, with the Maya Road houses??? That's a class. Like dimensional grungeboard? Flowers & MORE (hint...people)?? That's 2 classes. Like chipboard books, transparencies & fragments???'re getting the picture.
We'll be using lots of distress inks, fragments, Stampers Anonymous stamps and chipboard (hint...keepsake cube) from Maya Road. If you've seen the plain grungeboard sheets in the store & wondered what to do with them. Come & I'll show you. It's fun stuff, has tons of potential for play & it's very easy to work with.

We're all set for Saturday April 19th and Sunday April 20. Should be a very fun INKY weekend.

If you're in the Boston area, come join the fun...I'd love to meet some blog friends.

ps...if you need more incentive...I give GOOD doorprizes!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

New stamps + plain grunge =

this fun flower.
Last night, I HAD to get tim's (Stampers Anonymous) new stamps inky. I just couldn't stand to see them sitting there in pristine condition for another minute. Used, inky & loved is much better. Agree??
Happy weekend to you!! Take time to play!!