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here's how I got started...
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Thursday, February 21, 2008

100th post, 50 comments & 5 star art...

If you're a blog reader, you may remember that a few days ago I posted some little houses (from the MR Heart & Home set) on a vintage ruler. I was so sad when I finished that project, because it was just too much fun. I wanted to do more houses, so I used my trusty knife to remove just one page from Maya Road's House board book. PERFECT! Exactly what I needed.

Here's the supply list...

The chipboard letters & number
The tiny stars are from the microchips tin
The crown is from the Motifs tin
You KNOW I used some Ranger vintage photo distress ink.
The tiny text paper is 7 gypsies...
and the words are from Julie VanOosten's Collections.

I added a wooden block to the back to make it a free standing piece. DONE & FUN!!

TADA!!!!! This is the 100th post! Pretty cool. I see from the comments that you would like a I have typed my fingers to the bone, ( ha ...kind of dramatic) doing 100'll need to type some too.

I've been thinking about how to do this. What would be fun?? I decided that I want your HELP...

Since I want to be THE BEST instructor possible, I'm always open to suggestions and cool ideas. Who better to ask than my blogging friends???

Here's the gameplan...

You need to post a comment & tell me what makes you LOVE an instructor. What did they do that really made the class special for you?? Why do you ALWAYS want to take their classes??


And one more thing...pass the word...when we get to 50 posts, we'll draw a random winner. I think we'll give some Maya Road goodies. HMMMM....might even add a piece of that new sheer ribbon...that's NOT available in stores just yet!!

Ok...start typing away. The sooner we hit 50 comments, the sooner the prize package gets mailed!!
Don't forget to leave your instructor/comment to be entered in the drawing!!

Have fun & THANKS SOOOOOOO MUCH for visiting!


PamDavis said...

I just love your blog and look forward to seeing what you have done on a daily basis. This is great and I can't wait for all the new stuff to start getting to our LSS.

Valonda L. said...

What makes a great instructor? I love instructors who are unpretentious and down-to-earth but always the most important thing is that I learn something NEW, either a technique or try a new product(not, tool, get the idea). Also, classes are well organized and thought out, with good handouts for future reference. I am an instructor too, so I will be following the comments on this one also. I know what I like, but what does everyone else want?

Ellie said...

Well for me what makes me love an instructor is patience and not rush too much and clear written instructions so I will be able to do the project at a later date (I tend to forget what I've done in classes because we tend to have more fun then learn so I rely on the instructions :)



ok so what makes an instructor stand out to me

1. One thats willing to HELP me if i get stuck with out making me feel like an idiot ... i can scrap and do cards well but in a class i sometimes become all thumbs (anyone else have this happen???)

2. I love it when the instructor is a little chatty and tells a story or 2 gets everyone laughing and breaks the ice

3. I think most importantly i love learning new techniques.. so if i was to take more than one class id probaly love a new technique in each class

(which wouldnt be a problem for Mrs Wendy as she has heaps of these...)

4.. And when i do a class i have 5 kids sometimes i dont want to put my spin on the project ive gone their to not think and to make something. I just really wana enjoy the class and have a laugh ..(can anyone else relate to this???)

5. And a huge glass of wine (hehehe)

Hope all this helps im not fussy Wendy just simple friendliness goes a long way


PS I LOVE the HOUSE you have made ... when is that to die for news coming?? supense can kill LOL

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Let's see...
Favorite instructor traits:
1. They know their stuff
2. When I arrive on time, for something I have paid for, I expect that they have everything setup and ready to go! Not a last minute gig.
3. Organized
4. Not a snob... Down to earth
5. Generous with ideas
6. Hands on with students
7. In the moment.. not on the phone, not in the hall, not having a drama moment about something personal, but in the class, with us.
8. And plays well with others (after class, or at a social).
9. Red wine and chocolates are optional! WINK!!!
(wish I could be in St. Louis for your classes! My sister lives there!!!!)

Scott Franson Photography said...

I love an instructor that is organized, cheerful and keeps on track. I also love someone who is funny and keeps the class in a happy mood.

Cathy M said...

Congrats on your 100th post! Count me in on this sweet RAK!
What I like about instructors....
1. Patience
2. Love what they do.
3. Excepting ideas.
4. Great personality.
5. Sense of humor.
6. Share ideas and experience.
7. Lot to have a great time teaching.
Thanks for a chance.

Linda M. Cain said...

Hey, Wendy,
Looks like they like WINE! I suggested that once at one of my classes to help them relax, they were soooo uptight...but of course, not shop policy!!! HA! Guess we'll have to settle for chocolate! And we always have that.
Your compatriot in crime fighting,

Unknown said...

my favorite instructors always:
* have innovative ideas
* use older product in a new way
* let you have leeway with how you work
* have chocolate at class ;)
* answer questions and help when needed
* give choices so every project is not exactly the same

SusanH said...

That's a good question - I like an instructor who knows their stuff, knows their product, lets me have some options to choose from, and doesn't tell me "you're doing it wrong" (yes, this happened once). I like to have fun, laugh, and learn something "new" - new technique, new way to use something old, stuff like that!

Oh yeah, chocolate is good for me, too.

Sarah said...

I have never taken a class..but I thought I would stop and say that I would love my Instructor to be relaxed, informative and basically be lots of fun....I'll bring the chocolates.

Maybe one day Ill get to taking a class with someone....

Sarah xx

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Love the house! A great instructor-attentive to all, not just to a friend or the store owner; Encouraging but not dictatorial; reassure that class is a time to let it go and learn, not necessarily create the greatest work of art; one who offers constructive suggestions for improvement-how to further make a piece pop; who is willing to openly share a technique, and show how it can be used for more than just one project. Chocolate gets bonus points for the teacher!
chris p

Penny said...

100 posts already? Wow! Cute house indeed :)

So what do I like in an instructor? No idea since I have never taken a class!! But if I had I would say someone who shows a technique then allows you to put your own slant on it so it is not a carbon copy of the instuctor's piece but your own style.

Kathi said...

Your blog is very inspiring. I especially love that houses ruler.

The best instructors:
• are organized, so that all supplies and hand-outs are available
• maintain a good pace
• walk around the class, taking the time to make suggestions or help.
• patient with questions
• has a sense of humor and shares tips as well as techniques.

Angel said...

I love an organized, not boring instructor. Freebies and fun are always good too! That is what I tried to be when I taught classes. :-)

The Savvy Scrapbooker said...

The best instructors are smiley, happy, and laid back. I like classes where your not rushed and they let you be a little creative with the class. I don't like it if they just say "cut this, then glue it here, no not like that, like this." I like a bit of freedom. Plus, it's an added bonus when they have great classes!

Good luck with all of yours and keep posting!

Jennie said...

Love all your stuff. Love your house. As far as your question:
Patience, happy, has their stuff organized, hands on, has different ideas for different things etc.

KerrynF said...

I love an instructor who encourages you own personal touches to the project. Some-one who is friendly and willing to help anyone who may fall behind. A good class is one that can be completed by all that have attended. It isn't any fun when nobody finishes the project because not enough time was allocated. Thanks for the link Sandie.

Sam said...

Sandie sent me over to have a look at your fantastic blog :0)

What makes a great instructor?

One who is down to earth and treats you as an equal even if you don't pick things up as quick as others.
Someone who has patience and is not rushing through and takes time to include all the little bits and pieces :o)

Love that house too

PamDavis said...

I Forgot to leave my comment about what makes a good instructor. I think that someone that is down to earth and will work with people who have little experience as well as those with more experience makes a good instructor. Someone who makes a person feel that even if it's not perfect, it is still worth doing.

Anita said...

1. Organized
2. Very detailed, explicit instructions.
3. Patient.
4. Knows what they are teaching.

I recently took a Cricut class from JoAnn's. I was totally disgusted. The teacher couldn't remember which class she was supposed to teach that night (and she was the director of teaching at that particular store), Cricut or knitting - so she only brought her knitting stuff. She was totally unorganized, I knew more than her and I hardly knew anything.

Lynn said...

Love the house! What makes a good teacher?

Remember, the students could choose to do anything... but they have chosen to spend the time with you. Make it fun, share ideas, encourage experimentation with techniques and supplies and most of all be YOU. Success in teaching is a comination of making them comfortable AND teaching some new and fun things! It's a balancing act and I'm sure you're great at it!

Escape said...

Another wonderful usual!! :-)

I personally enjoy an instructor who not only teaches her craft, but tosses out little tidbits and hints. Someone who is relaxed, talks to each student, gives encouragement, and never critizes. Of course, chocolate works too.....

Congrats on 100 posts!! And you thought you didn't have anything to say....hah!

belinda said...

thanks sandie for sending me here. what a gorgeous little house! well i have only been to one class years ago but if i where to go to one i would want a small class with a patient and understanding instructor (we dont all cotton on quickly)who has enough time for one on one with everyone! i would be looking to have fun and inspiration to try new things.

DeeDee said...

Love stopping by your blog for inspiration. :)

I take classes from instructors with a good reputation for organization, innovation, and who know their basics just in case I don't. ;)

Barb said...

I love instructors who share their ideas and help along the way....don't just say "create" and let us go...I want to know how to do what you did and then along the way my own creativity comes out and a good teacher likes the differences they inspired....

can't wait to meet you at FKS in St Louis!

Cheryl KVD said...

I like instructors that are nice! I've been to too many where the instructor acts like they are too good to talk to anyone. I also like lots of examples.
Cheryl KVD

Just Call Me Grammy said...

I am fairly new to your blog, but love all the creative ideas.

What I want most is a teacher is good preparation and organization. They should start on time and keep things moving along. I have come to learn something worthwhile, but also to have an enjoyable time out. My favorite teachers are also friendly and make students of all levels feel comfortable.

Judith said...

I've never been to a class but I would love the instructor to be organised, know her stuff, give clear instructions, allow some freedom, and have lots of patience.

angela said...

a good instuctor has the project instructions written so you can take your project home and finish it.

also, the instructor should know the project and be able to adjust if things don't work out exactly as planned.

Sheila D said...

I just happened upon your blog and I absolutely love it. Your house is amazing. As for what makes a good instructor:
1. Organized and prepped ahead of time.
2. Having enough basic tools to go around so you don't have to continually wait your turn to use. Example, adhesive, black ink, scissors, etc.
3. Teaching something new whether it be a new technique, tool, product or unique project.
4. Most of all, having fun. The instructors enthusiasm and good mood are contagious.
5. One more thing, chocolate and something to drink, water, punch, soda, etc.
Thanks for sharing some blog candy.

Sarah Feeney said...

That house is just gorgeous Wendy!
What I like in an instructor is the ability to cater to everyone at different levels at the same time. You often get beginners and more experienced people in the same class, so it is great when the instructor can juggle both smoothly.
New techniques are good too - with clear step by step instructions. Print outs help a lot too, so you can remember what you've learned after you get home!
Chocolate is good too. Lots of chocolate! LMAO!

Glee-scrap said...

GO Wendy-100- Whoo Hoo!

Of course I want to learn something new in a fun way from a Teacher, but a class can be a social event, too. After introducing yourself, maybe you could give a random fact about yourself, or pick a topic and have a person say something about that, then THEY pick a topic for the next person until everyone has "warmed up" a little...this would only work with a smaller group, but it can be very funny!

Paula said...

I like a little humor in a class. I like enthusiasm. Complete knowledge of the project at hand is a must. Organization is paramount to a smooth running class.

Sunnymommie said...

love your house.. so cute!

I like humor, patience, organize, and smooth in class...

I know you will be wonderful instructor:D


ashejen said...

Wonderful goodies!

My favorite instructor is Tim Holtz - and I'm always drawn to his classes because the emphasis isn't on getting a product looking EXACTLY like the sample - it's about playing with the techniques and discovering them for yourself. Also - he has phenominal instructions to follow for the really critical steps to the process. I like classes where the instructor actually teaches something - some design element, some technique - not "slap some stuff together and make a project that looks just like mine" without any of the thought process as to why that particular arrangement works well.

ginny said...

I love instructors who teach what the description says they will teach plus maybe a bit more. Giveaways in class are always a wonderful bonus. On the other side of my first comment, I once took a class that I couldn't wait to get my hands into the techniques. The teacher was so over prepared that she had done most of the work for us. I didn't feel as though I had actually made the projec.

Sheryl said...

I love an instructor that is enthusiastic about what they are teaching and an instructor that is organized and prepared. I want to have fun, but I also want to feel that the time spent was worth it!

Annelies said...

I only took classes with one instructor, so I can't really compare. I liked these lessons because the group was very small (5 or 6 persons), so the teacher had enough time to help us individually.

JenMarie said...

I've only taken a few classes with instructors.....but what I enjoy is when class sizes are 'small' enough that you're not rushed and all.

Linda Broom said...

Geez...can't believe I forgot to leave a comment yesterday. I was so busy reading the rest of the comments to improve my teaching skills! Like many others, I like written instructions to go along with the verbal instructions. I tend to work at my own pace so those help. The instructor has to have a sense of humor and show the same attention to all the students. Often times there are repeat students mixed in with new students and it appears that the instructor plays favorites. Thanks for being a great mentor Wendy!

Jennifer said...

I love and instructor who shows us things that we can do without confusing directions. :) I like taking the classes because she always has fresh ideas that are fun and easy and useful, too!

Penny in Missouri said...

What I like in an instructor is a friendly person. I'm taking your class in St. Louis in March. Can't wait--you can just bring my give-away to St. Louis--no need to draw names--it will save you time. Ha!--:) Penny in Missouri :)

Kat said...

OK- I should be number 45- you are almost at 50. I just found your blog but it looks like a bookmark candidate- I'll surly keep reading.

SandyH said... close! How exciting! Here's my instructor tip, from one instructor to another: People love project-based classes, but the bonus is actually TEACHING them something. Sure, everyone loves a finished project, but what really gets them is learning new ways to use products they may already own and learning techniques they can use again and again. You clearly think out of the box, so this shouldn't be a problem for you, just pass those ideas on! Good luck!

Moonwillow said...

My dream instructor would be...
Patient (no eye rolling and sighs)
Thoughtful but constructive
Have a sense of humor
Be neat in appearance
and in all fairness the instructees should be the same.

Momsnack said...

Prepared - have all the necessary tools & supplies etc to work with.
Keep to the subject (more or less) - we all need a little humor, but chatting about personal matters with his/her acquaintances is a no-no.
If a template or pattern is required, have printed copy for the participants.
NancyS (momsnack)

Margie Higuchi said...

Boosting the numbers...don't need the prize 'cuz mine came this afternoon!!!!!!

OMGosh! Aren't you the generous one...if it was sent by mistake - tough! I'm keeping it! Going to post on my blog - be on the look out! BIG THANK YOU, Miss Wendy!!!!!! You spoil me! xoxoxo

Oh! A good instructor is..someone who makes it fun..well-organized kit, lots of laughing, a captive technique and understanding that not all projects will be the same!

Are we almost to 50? LOL!!

Susan G said...

I like an instructor who has a great sense of humor and doesn't take her/himself so seriously that it brings down the class. The projects needs to be easy enough for a novice and yet tweak the interest of an accomplished stamper. A new card fold with simple stamping would be a good example. Thanks for a chance at the prize.

Donalda said...

I do visit your blog almost everyday. Your work is just gorgeous. What I love about an instructor is that they are so helpful when some one doesn't quite understand on how to do it and explain it more for them. But mainly you can tell when the instuctor loves there job for they are so helpful and go above and beyond.
Thanks so much for a great blog

Sam Marshall said...

This is so gorgeous!

Rachel Greig said...

Love your house Wendy! Everyone has already said some great things - and I wanted to add that I love an instructor who is willing to learn from their students too. I often pick up some great tips from my students - and of course also from instructors when I'm a student. I think everyone has something to learn off everyone - and instructors can do themselves a great injustice if they think they cannot learn anything from their students. I once picked up the best tip on tying ribbon from one of my students! So simple - and yet so effective.

Linda SS said...

I love to expand my knowledge so I enjoy any instructor that teaches me something new, interesting, and most importantly - FUN:)

Sanna F said...

What a sweet sweet house!!