here's how I got started...

here's how I got started...
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Thursday, February 7, 2008

A little art, the contest details & one by air...3 by land

I couldn't sleep the other night & had to make a choice...dust the shack or make art. Above is the choice! The decision didn't take much thought... anyway...When I bought this antique book, Rick asked why I would pay $1 for an old book with no cover. Well...check out the color of the pages & the page titles...I found it PERFECT for art. This is another reminder to ALWAYS keep your eyes open for ART PARTS! They're everywhere.

I stamped Maya Road's new wing stamp onto grungeboard and added them to the chipboard gal. FUN combo. That teeny-tiny heart and the arrow are from the microchips tins, from Maya Road.

Here's a better look @ the wings. The paper on her dress is from Jenni Bowlin. I added just a bit of magic mesh.

Ok...contest details next...

Look thru the Maya Road catalog & tell me which art is mine. Some on the cover...some inside. Study hard...

Post a comment here with your guess.

Now here's the twist... you also need to guess how many pieces of art I made for Maya Road...This is kind of funny, because I actually have no clue. I'll check it out when I unpack the projects and I'll find out then. Don't forget to include the total number in your comment.

I'll be back on the 15th with the winner. I think I'll keep the PRIZE a secret and keep you in suspense...Sound like fun??

One by air...CHA or bust...Maya Road booth 1987. PLEASE come see us!!! We have tons of cool stuff to show you.

Three by land... Classes coming to.....

Scrapbook Friend'z in Bloomington Illinois on Saturday March 8th. The class is called Goin' for the combines glass & grunge...FUN stuff!

March 14th @ the SSAT convention in Rockford, Illinois, for Stampers Anonymous. Class details aren't finalized quite yet...but, how can you resist a stamping class?? Or possibly 2!!

And a weekend event @ the end of the month....I'm joining my friend Linda Cain @ For Keeps Sakes in St. Louis on March 29th & 30. I'll teach the Distress ink technique class first on Saturday. Linda's class will be her cool framed houses. Check out her blog!

On Sunday Linda will start with a fragments book class & then I'll do grungeboard...combined with other fun stuff.

We'll bring plenty of art samples to give you additional ideas and a surely there will be some chocolate...hey...arting takes energy!

This WILL be a great fun weekend. We'd love to see you there.

That's it....CHA or BUST~!
I'll be back next week!


Linda M. Cain said...

FANTASTIC!!!And you know I love the hanger thingy....The face really makes the little gal. Great ART,

Margie Higuchi said...
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Margie Higuchi said...

I deleted because I figured you need details?

COVER - Color book, flower/florish crackel details, ATC set and metal flower detail (4 items)

INSIDE - CB set (Heart & Home) pg, large CB Alpha ("LOVE") pg, Microchips pg (Color Book), and Clear Stamps pg ("Lisa")(4 items).

What a great catalog!!
Today's posted project is WONDERFUL!!
Need to clean my messy house so that I can have some FUN!
Have a SAFE (& uneventful) trip!!!!

D's Paper Studio said...

I'll check out Maya Road tomorrow. I would really like to meet you. I'm heading out to CHA also. I come to your blog a lot..I may not always comment, but I love your artistic style. Through you I also connect with t!m and I enjoy his blog so very much.

Will you be at the Maya Road booth most of the time or only at certain times. If you would like my email is I would really love to meet you and let you know how much I admire your work.

Anonymous said...

The art work is lovely. Thanks for the reminder. Its true that some times we overlook some great works just because they look old and torn. If you are interested in Art Glass you can check out this link.

Rachel Greig said...

Hey Wendy - you're at CHA now, but wanted to still say how much I love your little lady with wings :) And LOVE all your stuff in the catalog, I haven't counted your stuff though!

Sunnymommie said...

beautiful little lady with wings... I keep check your blog...have fun at CHA!


Gretz said...

Oh Wendy I have no idea either how many you yould make - so I'll guess 23 LOL

Valonda L. said...

Here are my guesses:

Cover: 2 pics in and 2 up, on the keychain

the row houses on the ruler

and the picture beside the office sheers

I am guessing that you took 17projects to CHA.

Lynnef said... at this whole blogging thing...I am now typing my guesses for the 3rd time....OK then...
Hi Wendy, we met at Ranger U last fall...loved your work then...continue to love it now!!!
Here are my guesses...
Front cover (3)items, Color book,upper right corner, crackle paint flower & florish, 3rd line down, and the box with chained pages, done in your signature brown..or is that Vintage Photo?!?!
On Chipboard set page, "Houses", on the Micro chips page, Color book again, On the Clear stamps page, "Lisa", and on the sheer sets page the Long skinny photo by the alphabets, and I'm guessing you made 13 items for Maya Road...keep up the great work. Enjoy CHA, are you demoing at the Ranger booth?

Michelle said...

Hi Wendy,
Hope you enjoyed CHA and the warmer weather!!

Ok, for my guesses:
Front cover: Color book, flower with flourish & the bok with chain book (very you and very distressed.)

The row houses with ruler

The book with the work love on page with chipboard alphabet

Pink page of your color book on the microchip page

I'm guessing on this one, but the flowers on the sheer sets page, the picture is just a little too small to know for sure but the chipboard flowers sure look like your style.

Lisa on the clear stamp page of which I really need that stamp!

Ok, I think that is all, I sure hope you didn't throw us for a loop and not use vintage photo distress ink on some! Oh, wait the guess on how many pieces you took: I will say approximately 24 for Maya Road.

Maybe I will see you on the 17th!


Glee-scrap said...

Hi Wendy!
Hope you are having a funtabulus time at CHA in S.CA!
Lets play "Battleship" for the front cover:the vertical grid is the alphabet and the horizontal line are "A4,B4" is the Ranger tinted layered book
"C3"-stacked ble flower
"D2"-brn. inked
"E2"-sheer inked scallop
I guess those 4 art works for the cover of MR's catalog
1)House Chipboard-Heart & Home mounted on the wooden ruler
2)Large Chipboard "LOVE" on board book
3)"Lisa"(The Master's) Birthday Art
I guess that those are the 3 pictures inside the catalog that are your work.
I am guessing you had a "Baker's Dozen" ( the show-so when you unpack 13 items when you get back from CHA I will be the happiest woman (that did'nt get to go to the Show-I can't compete for happiest with CHA Attendees).
Miss yer bloggin',
Erin : )


hay wendy your at CHA all the work have showed is amazing hope your having a ball all us gals in the land of aussie are all jealous and wish we were there cant wait for you to blog to share your experience there and all the famous pics and of course wouldnt be complete without SIGNATURES

Absolutely Everything said...

wendy, Tim H tells me that yu made the flowers in his Idealogy booth --can yu tell me what the stamps were..and any other details that would help?
Kate Farricker

Tammy Tutterow said...

Oh my goodness! Wendy, FKS in St Louis is my lss! I can't wait to see you there!! It was good meeting you at CHA, loved your stuff!!

(I was the one chatting with you about Pink Paislee.)


just checked out the booth at cha and your work looked gorgeous .... and all that new stuff OMG WOW it is gorgeous hope the lss stock it all soon.... have a great weekend tell rick hows the Valentines day card going.... or has he retired???? LOL