here's how I got started...

here's how I got started...
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Monday, October 6, 2008

3 C's...a contest, a cube & some comments

First...the contest.

Maya Road is sponsoring a wonderful HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS contest. Not only do entries have a chance to win $250 of Maya Road product...but for each entry, Maya Road will contribute $5 to Habitat for Humanity. Pretty cool.

Now here's a little twist...If any of the winners are studio 490 blog readers and'll get an extra GOODIE package from me.

You gotta enter to win...

Check out the rules of the "road" here.

Second...The cube...

Kate, from Absolutely Everything in Topsfield, Ma, requested a holiday decor item as one of the classes for her customers. I'll be there again on Nov 1 & 2.

Here's what we'll be making in one of the classes...

It starts out with a cool cube from K & Co. After we ink it, stamp it, grunge it and add chipboard, it will look like this.........

And this...

Totally dimensional...totally fun. This is a piece that you'll be happy to bring out every year.

Or...if you need a gift... How about a cube??

Don't miss out. Sign ups will be starting soon. We'll also be making another new project. A Maya Road mini book that's so loaded with embellishments that it won't close.

The other 2 classes use lots of grungeboard. We'll make a holiday hanging & a wreathe. Should be a very fun inky weekend.

Now a few random comments...

I've gotten a ton of emails about STUDIOS. THANK YOU so much!

And for those of you who asked...YES...the drawers are full. YIKES!! Stamps, chipboard, embellishments and lots of fun vintage type stuff that I've collected. I'll open some drawers & show more in a future post.

What does the rest of your house look like?

Pretty much the same as the studio. We have drawers & vintage stuff in every room. Same, brown, khaki & red leather furniture. Several hoosier cabinets. We both LOVE vintage. Bet you couldn't guess that.....

Here's a shot looking into the studio from the kitchen...

For those of you still looking for the STUDIOS issue....... it's @ JoAnn's and Barnes & Noble for sure.

BUT...I'm giving away a copy here. Come back...

Details coming this Wednesday.

Another comment...I may have to call my lawyer... GEEZ!

APPLEBEE'S has discontinued my most favorite Mac & Cheese. How dare they??

What were they thinking? That's why we go there..MAC & CHEESE!

I could eat noodles 3 meals a day. The cute waitress said she had lots of disappointed customers.

NO KIDDING!! Count me as one of them........... my spare time, I think I'll launch an attempt to get them to change their mind.


If you have a them for me!

Enjoy your day & get going on those houses.


Heidi said...

Love the cube! Awesome Home Decor piece, you could totally do one for every season. I might have to take the plunge on the contest. Curious to see how many houses get ordered at the store through Shopatron today!

Lisa Pace said...

I LOVE this cube!!! Great class project as always. I'm sure you will sell out. Can't wait to see you. Just a few more days.

D's Paper Studio said...

The cube is very cool.

You are very busy these days. How did Texas go?

I received my email already about Maya Road's Home for the Holiday. I just recieved my order from them with 6 houses. I had already planned on making gingerbread (crafty style) out of them. Now I just get to submit them!!

I'm not a real Applebees fan, but for you I will send an email. LOL

Have a good day Wendy.

Sharon Margiotta said...

The cube is SOOO cute!! I want to do that in Phoenix too!

I knew i'd love your house!! and i've only seen one little hallway!

Kim Piggott said...

So unfair I so want to come. Your cube looks just fabulous. I love all the different layers they look wonderful.
I so want your house too. Your stars are just awesome.
kim x

borcherding said...

Cube looks AWESOME!!

I am getting totally p***** though because Borders does NOT have the magazine and neither does my M's. I am getting SO irritated!!!

Linda M. Cain said...

the contest?