here's how I got started...

here's how I got started...
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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Darkroom Door peek

Rachel Greig is a tease & I have proof!!! Remember her??? She's the owner of Darkroom Door?? She's my friend from Australia...
Anyway, she asked me to do some design work with her stamps. I let her know that I had a few things done & asked it I could post them here. She said NO...tease them!! Just show them little bits!
So....above is the tease. See?? It's NOT MY fault!
Here's the good news. She has hooked up with a distributor for North America. The company is called Artytart. You can check it out here. The site is for wholesale orders only, but you can refer your LSS & ask that they order the stamps you NEED.
If you really NEED them NOW...they are available in Canada here.
Now this is fun too...Artytart is directly across from Maya Road @ CHA this summer. You can bet I'll be over there checking it ALL out!! Congrats to Rachel & Stew on this wonderful arty adventure! CHEERS!! Here's to continued success!
The hubby answer some emails & questions from the comment section...
*He can see straight out, but not down. The bubble still blocks his vision. It should completely absorb in about 6 weeks to 2 months. He can't wait, since he can't drive.
*No pain now...just extreme sensitivity to light.
*The horses are still gone. He's not allowed to lift and with the limited vision, it's too risky to bring them back. I say 2 more weeks...he thinks this weekend. We'll see what the surgeon says tomorrow. I bet I win...
* This happens in 1:100,00 individuals. There is no prevention. You have increased odds if you are very nearsighted & OLD. The poor guy is 57! The surgeon said...YES...OLD! YIKES!!
I'll be back tomorrow with another Darkroom Door PEEK.
It's almost the weekend!!


borcherding said...

Um....what's with all the teeeeasing?? I freakin' HATE it!!! Teasing only means frustration to me!!! :-) :-) Better check out that site because god knows I need stamps like a hole in my head! :-) Happy Thursday!!! one more day until an extended weekend. WOOHOO!!!

Diana said...

I checked them out & WOW. Hopefully they will sell online since in my area there aren't any mom/pop stores anymore. Yell at them at CHA for me. SELL ONLINE. Tell your DH to be good and do as YOU tell him to do so he can get better and stay better. I said so.

Michelle Tech said...

Glad to hear that your hubby is coming along well.

The Rambling Papercrafter said...

I checked out this company at the winter CHA and I LOVED their stuff. I hope there will be a store around here that will eventually carry it.

D's Paper Studio said...

No fair. I don't like sneek peeks. I want it all....LOL


love the sneaks... see those girls from australia are just no fair... cant wait to see the REAL thing .. have a great week wendy ...