here's how I got started...

here's how I got started...
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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rick, Rachel, Ranger...and RUBBER??

Happy Tuesday!

First...the Rick update...the report wasn't quite as good as we expected it to be. The repair looks great, but now there is a weak spot in his retina. So...the options are to do weld the weak spot with a laser...This causes a small area of vision loss peripherally. The main complication is that it can affect the repair that was just done. So...we'll go back on Friday & see what the surgeon has decided. We're thinking good thoughts here...
So, until then...still no reading, lifting or horses. He's a much better patient than I would ever be...that's a fact!!

Now on to some fun stuff...

Rachel gave in!! HA!!! Here's what she said...

Rachel Greig said...
ok, I can't wait either.... show us the whole thing now!!! :)'s the whole card, made with Darkroom Door stamps and some grungeboard. I love big grungey flowers, but let me tell you...this little flower was fun.

I stamped the tulip on plain grungeboard twice & layered it to get this effect...It's colored with distress inks (fired brick & peeled paint)...Here's a closeup of the tulip.

Now on to the Ranger development...

Instead of working in the Maya Road booth @ CHA in July, I'll just be popping over there to visit my friends.

What will I be doing you ask???

With 100% support from Maya Road...(they're great people!)...

I'm absolutely THRILLED to say that I will be...

doing demos for...


Every day!!

In their booth...@ CHA!!!
I am soooooooo excited!!

I'll also be a helper for tim & Claudine in their classes on Thursday. That sounds like fun too.

This is better than CHRISTMAS!!

Now on to the rubber part of the title...should I do it today???

NOPE...I changed my mind...I think this post is long enough!
Come back tomorrow....PLEASE!

This will be THE NEWS that I've been teasing about since February.

Finally...I can spill the beans!!


Any guesses???

Thanks for stopping by!


Margie Higuchi said...

I am so so excited for you in regards to demos @ Ranger! VERY COOL!

Rubber, huh. Hmmm...I'm thinking your own stinkin' designs!!!! You are SO SO creative that I would not be surprised by this move!

Oh and you're such a stinker for not posting the rubber news until tomorrow!!! LOL!!

Most importantly, I will be thinking of Rick on Friday. Hope the doctor gets a better idea of how the retina is doing. Thinking happy thoughts in Schaumburg!!


Kathi said...

My guess: You've got a line of stuff coming out with Ranger and/or Stamper's Anonymous.

Thinking good thoughts for your dh.

borcherding said...

oh man!!!!!!!!!!! Demos for RANGER? Holy freakin' cow! :-) That's excited!! And, don't you know that I am a super, duper helper and teacher aide so if YOU, or any other of your 'friends' need help...give me a jingle!! :-)

Now....can you please..for the love of god. stop the torture and just TELL US already?? I'll guess the obvious - you have some designs for stamps coming out?

Sending prayers and good thoughts for Rick!!!!

Happy Tuesday!

Sudie said...

Prayers for Rick and you.
you are such a tease. I need to know today! ack! LOL
big wow! and super congrats on the Ranger gig. I hope to see you there.

Carmen said...

Wow!!! How amazingly exciting!!!

Erin Glee said...

Wishing Rick the best news on Friday.

Working at the Ranger booth! And helping The Tim and The Claudine with classes.... yeh, I'd say that is better than Christmas. (I've been on the "Naughty" list for a few years now).

I'm glad Rachel let you share that darling little Grungeboard flower card~ I love it!

My guess about your BIG news? You have an appearance in the new Sex and the City movie grunging up Mr. Big with every Distress ink you own. (Yes, all the colors Ranger makes.) His newly transformed clothes get him on the cover of GQ Magazine, and a million dollars for you!

Either that, or you have designed a rubber stamp/line of rubber stamps. Just a guess.
Erin Glee : 0

Jen said...

talk about teasing!
The tulip looks fantastic, I'm having serious grungeboard envy :)
Hope it's good news on Friday- it makes me realise how much we take for granted.

Linda M. Cain said...

Boy, I LOVE the Mr.Big thought!!! She should be a writer!!! And I've offered my help, too, if needed, a soda, a sandwich, I've even offered to try to go to the bathroom for her, girls!!! What are friends for??? Glad to see the flower...I never have liked surprises or being teased since I was a kid...unwrapped all my Christmas presents one year when mom and dad were gone!!!
Hugs to Rick!

Sandy Wiley said...

congrats wendy! that is just so exciting to hear your good news. i can't wait to check back to hear more! hoping the best for rick!

Elaine said...

congrats! Take me with you to CHA~ LOL.... I bet you are going to have your own line and share designs with your blog readers first! Then you will have lots and lots of blog candy to entice us - and then we'll get to buy these great things from your store! LOL I hope that's the surprise!

Take care and good luck to your hubby's eye work/surgery. My hubby has had a lot of eye surgery work so I know how hard it must be for you all!

D's Paper Studio said...

Whoo Hoo! Congrats on Ranger and great card...good job.

I love hanging out at Ranger. I think I did one make-n-take 5 times I loved it so much.

I'm on the email waiting list for Tim's class. So I'll know something next week whether I get in or not. If I get in I'll see you there..if not I'll be at the booth checking out your make-n-take.

Rachel Greig said...

Ahhhh - love the card! And WOWEEE demo's for Ranger - and I won't be there to get you to use Marmalade! LOL. Nevermind, I'll see you at LA in Jan!

Hope everything goes well on Friday.

claudine hellmuth said...

looking forward to hanging out at CHA!!!

Sarah Feeney said...

Wow Wendy - demos with Ranger! I would bust in half if I got to do that! LOL!!
Your card is gorgeous! You really are the Grungeboard queen! You are such an inspiration!