Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Alpaca kisses!

Here's the scoop...I LOVE animals...except Rick's horses. They are too big, I hate flies & the poop is just too big! HA! It's TRUE!!
Anyway, about 2 years ago I got the big idea that we should go & visit an alpaca farm & maybe get one. I think they are absolutely adorable and have the cutest sweet faces. I had researched them on the net and knew they were kind of pricey. However, I thought just maybe we could like one for $5000??? This is scarry...the one I fall in love with had a $30,000 price tag!!!!!!!! YIKES!! And how could you possibly bring home only one?? It would be lonely...$60,000??? DOUBLE YIKES...needless to say, they still live at the alpaca farm. But, when we win the LOTTO...I'll be making a purchase or 2!

I hope your Christmas was great and wish you all the best in 2008!!

May you be creative today!! Or...if you're on the hunt for holiday sale items...GOOD LUCK!
Think I'll stay here & make art!


Sandy Wiley said...

i hope you win lotto big time!

Rachel Greig said...

LOL - yep, hope you win lotto! In the meantime, just keep visiting the alpaca farm for your fix!
happy creating! Today we're off to the zoo!

The Artistic Spirit said...

I'm staying home today too. I spend a lot of time in my room these days. I think alpaca's are special. I would have to divorce my husband or maybe come to live with you to have one. I hope you win the lotto, I'll visit you when you get them.

Lisa V said...

Holy Alpaca!!! That's incredible for only 1....of course it would need a friend to keep it company.... Keep playing that lotto & maybe....

Hope you created lots of art today. :-)