here's how I got started...

here's how I got started...
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Monday, December 24, 2007

This is Rick again

Ok. This is the card I made for Wendy for Christmas. The pressure was on after we got all the emails about the last one. This isn't as easy as it looks. Believe me. I used a dot stamp and that's supposed to be snowflakes.

THANKS for all the comments. You sure made Wendy laugh.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all & especially my wife.

LOVE YOU dear!!



Margie H said...

Well done, Rick!

I think it's a wonderful card!! You deserve a pat on the back!

Hope you and Wendy have a wonderful holiday season!

MargieH in Chicago

Lisa V said...

Great job, Rick! Wendy is one lucky woman, that's for sure!!! Hope your Christmas is Merry and your holiday is joyful. Keep up the good work--we have high expectations now!

Linda Cain said...

Well done, Rick! You know now why we can spend hours on a simple piece of paper and say "what do you think?" and look like we've been through the mill! Ha!
Be well, stay warm!
Linda and Bill...he'll be jealous of your new-found fame on the web!

Rachel Greig said...

Merry christmas - and great job Rick! You're creative streak is really starting to show!
Have a great holiday!!! xx

greetje DT member Maya Road said...

Merry Christmas Rick.
You did a wonderfull job

Altered Route said...

Bravo Rick!!
Enjoy your Birthday and the Holidays!!

tim holtz said...

way to go rick! once again - pure style, you even used wendy's favorite "dots" stamp for the background, bravo! hope you both had a wonderful holiday. okay rick - start thinking valentines, you're on a roll...

SANDIE said...

yay go rick ... your creativeness is flowing,,, careful wendy he may the next maya road design team member hope u guys had a great chrissy