here's how I got started...

here's how I got started...
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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Addicted to crack...and a few random things..

I know..I deserve the BAD BLOGGER award! SORRY, but my excuse is..... I'm addicted to crack. This paint is absolutely foolproof. The bird and branch are from Maya Road. The bird got a dose of faded jeans distress crackle paint & the branch is done with shabby shutters. The background paper is from the Periphery collection, Basic Grey. LOVE IT!! Can't show you the whole project, but take my word for it... SHEER fun!

And more rub-on talk...I got a call yesterday from Karan, who owns Magic Mesh. She found my blog & offered this little tip, which amazed me. Rub-ons can be applied OVER Magic Mesh, for a cool effect. I tried it & it's fun. I had no clue that it can also be embossed & painted over. Interesting play. I think it's great for all the sheer products and acrylic products that seem to be so popular these days. The reason...NO adhesive is needed & it looks great on both sides!

I've heard from all 3 who won prizes on the blog. All of the packages arrived @ their destination. However, I still haven't heard from E. So...I still have this adorable chipboard train album (and a few other trinkets) waiting for a new home. Interested??? Tell me why you NEED it & I'll see if Rick can be talked into another drawing...very soon!!!

That's all I can think of for now.

Have FUN...Make ART.



Jen said...

I NEED more Maya Road I really have to have a reason? I just love all the maya road stuff - from the chipboard albums to the sheers to the rub-ons. They're all AMAZING and I love playing with them.

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

I need more Maya Road, simply because I don't have enough in my 'collection' and I have lots of Christmas projects to crank out and live out in the boonies - with no local access to any Maya products!
Sniff! :)

Robin Beam said...

Miss Wendy: You did a fantabulous job on that birdie..too bad you didn't make it brown and red...uhm, a Robin??? Hehehe!

Missed you!

Cracked Hugs, Robin

Debby said...

I love the tip with the magic mesh. I really find your blog very helpful with tips and ideas.

I really NEED this chipboard train book. My husband is a train fanatic! My husband bought my first child her first train when she was 4 months old. Go figure. I'd love to do a little book to bring back the memories of train sets through the years. Please!!

Rachel Greig said...

Gotta love the crack! Love your birdie :)

scrap 67 said...

I love the crach I just bought me some new colors.
Did you use the grungeboard allready?

SunnyMommie said...

I must try crackle paint!!!! gotta go to store and buy them!

Shari said...

Oh I've gotta get me some of that CRACK. You're brilliant girlfriend!

cain81 said...

Brings back memories of when Erin told her babysitter at the gym "you're on crack!" She had heard her mom say that to her aunt joking around and everyone laughed!!! KIDS! What they remember!
I need the MR train because Bill worked at he RR after he got out of the service and it would mean so much....yuck, I'm making myself sick!