Thursday, November 8, 2007

Lessons learned on Thursday...

Here's a look @ a store sample, done with an acrylic tag and rub-ons from 7 gypsies, Fontwerks and Maya Road. These are the 10 things I learned today...

1. God did not create all rub-ons equal. Being a rubber stamper, I had very little experience with them, so this was a HARD lesson learned. I won't name the bad ones, maybe they work on paper or maybe they are 100% JUNK......but I did find out that Maya Road, Daisy D's, 7 gypsies , Fontwerks and Basic Grey work very well on acrylic. I have some other well known brands that I've not tried yet...but I will.

2. Some rub-ons just flake off or just fall off the protective paper when you LQQK @ them. That made me upset.

3. Some rub-ons can be removed by wiping them with window cleaner.

4. Some can be removed only with rubbing alcohol or by scraping them off. I tried Goo-Gone too...

5. Acrylic attracts fingerprints. Imagine that!

6. Acrylic projects are not easy to photograph.

7. Some rub-ons are black on both sides and some are not. Sometimes this matters...sometimes not.

8. Words & numbers MUST go on the front of acrylic.

9. Patterns, flowers, designs and other things can be applied to the back of the acrylic to create dimension.

10. Acrylic is FUN and WAYYYYY different than paper!


ps...I'm STILL looking for "e", who posted on October 31st @ 6:28pm...I'd like to get the last prize shipped! Please send me your mailing address. THANKS!

CSI tonight!! 2 hour episode...Sure hope it's better than last week.


ginny said...

Thanks for the tutorial on rub-ons. I really like them too. Sometimes they are just the thing to finish off a project. Never thought of using them exclusively.

Oh and my name begins with "e" I win the prize??? eginny

SANDIE said...

i love the look of the acrylic tag and if e is lost you could send her goodies to my postal address ...LOL

have a good one

Debby said...

Thanks for all the "tips." No one around here carries the new acylic tags/books etc. I guess I'll have to take a shot at ording them from online.

Rachel Greig said...

I agree about some rub ons not working too well. Most do, but I have a few sheets here that are sticking more to the backing sheet than my projects! Thanks for your tips - love your work as always!

iluvf14 said...

Hah! I love it when someone else "learns" new things--I get grumpy when I have to "learn" them first hand!!! :-) Meant to tell you--love the acrylic sample in the store. That should be a really fun class!!!


scrap 67 said...

Did you ever use some on painted chipboard?? I have allways problems with that!!! They want stick on it.
Maybe you can give me a hint how to do that!!!
Love the label very much
Hugs Greetje

Michelle McGee said...

Ah the saga that is rub ons...

equality in the rub on field has long been a source of heated debate

Love the tags!

So, how do you photograph acrylic?

cain81 said...

Great tutorial. I couldn't agree with you more on the quality of rub ons. I did have good luck with the ones Cheryl gave us from Ten Seconds Studio, too, on Bill's card. But daisyD's are my favorite so far! Color and thickness is great!
"e" is really missing the boat here! Where are you????

Penny said...

Love the tag - looks very cool!

Don't you just hate it when you've almost finished something and add a rub-on and it doesn't work?! Hate the ones where you have to rub so hard it leaves an indentation in the card! 7Gypsies , Basic Grey and K&Co are all brilliant.

Robin Beam said...

Quality does make all the difference, Wendy....the good thing is that next time you teach with rub-ons you'll be able to tell them EVERYTHING they'll ever need to know, right? Good rub-ons will work on Distress Crackle Painted, huh!?

Rubby Hugs,


SunnyMommie said...

this very interest! thank you for tips! btw tag is very cute!!! ;)

Pearl Maple said...

Thank you for the humourous and educational look at rub ons and acrylic, someone had to learn the hard way and so much easier when it is someone else.