Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Monday!

FINALLY...we have some decent weather here. We had the furnace on Tuesday and yesterday it was 85. Only in Illinois can things change so quickly. So I took 2 hours of "vacation time" & parked out on the deck yesterday. This winter has been soooooo long...

The Rick report...

No laser treatment is needed right now. Things looked better on Friday. But...the pressure is up in his eye, which may be attributed to his eyedrops...WE HOPE. So, he's got a new med & we'll go back on Friday for another visit. Still no fun activity for him.

Return to Ranger U??? This is a recent development...

Yep...since I'll be demoing in the Ranger booth @ CHA, I'll be going back to NJ for a refresher course. ( it remedial & they are just being kind??)

I'll also get info on Perfect Pearls, melt art & Claudine's new products too....Don't ask...I have NO CLUE what they are!! ha!!
3 full days in NJ with 28 other arty friends. The group is international again and that really adds to the fun. I'm leaving on the 19th & believe me...I'm counting the days.

I'll leave you with this thought for today...

This stamp is made by Postmodern Designs. Fun HUH??
Sorry...they don't have a web site.

Thanks for stopping by...


borcherding said...

Good afternoon!! Oh man...another Ranger U?!! AWESOME!! Do you need a personal assistant? Someone to hold your bags? Someone to clean your inky fingers? I am for hire. Cheap. ;-)

ps. LOVE that stamp too!!

pps. Hope your hubby's eye gets better soon!!!

Debby said...

While you are there peek at Claudine's line and give us a sneek peek!!!

Perfect Pearls are cool, I just need to use them more. I order the whole works from CHA Winter on the melting wax, but my LSS said they still haven't recieved the order. Bummer.

I love the saying on your stamp. Too cool.

BTW: while you are at Ranger, let them know I'm available for CHA. LOL

Linda Cain said...

Hang in there Rick...there's light at the end of the tunnel! But don't to the light!

Cute stamp Wendy.
Say hi to everyone for me at Ranger U...they don't know me, but that's alright!

Rachel Greig said...

Congrats Wendy! Have fun!! :)