here's how I got started...

here's how I got started...
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Thursday, May 29, 2008

A little more stamp talk...and a inky tip

THANK YOU ALL so much for the sweet comments, calls & emails. I sincerely appreciate your support starting this new adventure.

Ok...a little more info...and answers.
1. When will we see them???
Hmmm...not sure. Maybe a peek before CHA, but not the
whole image for sure. SORRY! If you think YOU are anxious...think about me!! HA!!!!!!! It's KILLING me...

2. Will they be available in Australia???
Yes, I'm sure they can be ordered from the same distributor who provides Stampers Anonymous stamps there now.

3. Are they actually collages???
NOPE...They are collages waiting to be made by you! Start with the largest's the foundation...add an element ( medium size)...add the small & it's done!

4. Tell us more...
OK...They are all sized to be interchangable for versatility. So that means...use a background from one with an image from another. They will all work well together & with other stamps you already own.

Since I LOVE layering, the images are very easy to stamp & then cut out. There's no really intricate time consuming cutting involved. I did this for me...I can NOT drive an exacto to save my life. HONEST!!! ANYWAY...Just stamp them on cardstock, patterned paper or grungeboard...cut & use!

They can be made into simple projects or you can add as much detail and as many embellishments as you like. That's me...the more...the BETTER!

I LOVE background stamps (large ones) and flowers...Now there's a BIG hint!

There are a few "basics"...these can be stamped, cut out and then overstamped. My plan is that we'll never tire of them and they can be customized to coordinate with any patterned paper you are using. Use dots, text, script, plaid, stripes or any background stamp and easily make a custom embellishment.

OK...that's enough before I say too much...My lips are officially...SEALED!
EDITED*** For those who are looking for the booth number of Stampers Anonymous...It's listed as ART GONE WILD/Stampers Anonymous. The booth number is 3035 & it's across from Ranger, which is 2935 and Maya Road is very near there with booth number 3507.

Can't have a post without a photo or 2...

Here's something fun I discovered yesterday...

I was working on a Maya Road CHA assignment & needed a small pale blue flower. So...I used a Maya Road velvet blossom, inked it with Ranger's new Cloudy Blue pigment ink...dried it...overstamped it with a script stamp from Stampers Anonymous(U108 Dutch birth certificate) and went from this to this...

Here's a better look... It was exactly what I needed to complete the page.

That's the Thursday news.


Indulge yourself...


borcherding said... I am even MORE excited to see a sneaky of the stamps! They sound AMAZING and I am confident that I won't be disappointed!! WOOHOO!!!! Thanks for all the 'hints'...just thinking about what they might be is making my head spin!! :-) Happy Thursday!!!

Margie H said...

LOL! Thanks for the hints too but my brain hurt!

Which booth am I going to see these babies? Tried to look at the floor plan under SA and not there or I can't read (most likely latter!) - heehee! LMK!

Keeping my fingers crossed tomorrow for Rick!

Linda Cain said...

I love those new inks!! And stamping on them is a breeze!
Great stuff!

Sandy Wiley said...

i love how you transformed those flowers! brilliant!

Penny said...

You make the BEST little flowers!! Really good luck with your new venture into stamps - they sound wonderful. I can't wait to see them!

Erin Glee said...

I'm so happy for your new stamp sets~what a great idea for us "collage challenged" folk!
You do flowers so beauty-FULL!
Sorry you're not getting the million dollars for Distressing Mr. Big's outfit, but this news is even better, don't you think?

Debby said...

Okay...followup. When I get my stamps, I really want you to autograph one of the packages for me. This is too exciting.

Jen said...

the stamps sound fab- I can't wait to see them!

ginny said...

I love it that you used the Stampers Anonymous Dutch Birth Certificate. It is actually my great-great-great grandmother's actual birth certificate reduced. It has been in the SA catalog since the beginning. I always wonder what Marie would think if she knew that over 150 years later her document is being stamped all over the world.
Congratulations on your stamp collection, Wendy!

Jen Crossley said...

The flower looks so awesome now the stamp looks so cool and makes a huge difference

Absolutely Everything said...

Wendy...good for you...that is great news about st anon and your images...I hope you don't get "too big" to return to lil ole' AbsolutelyEverything...I have you in in the first of Nov!! See you in Chicago!! You are on your way to stardom!

Catherine said...

YOUR Stamps sound fab, can't wait to see your flowers too!

btw I'm pretty sure I'll be at booth 1108 so I'll introduce myself if I see you.

Sarah Schwerin said...

OK - I simply have to have those stamps now! RIGHT NOW!! I can't wait any longer! LMAO!!
The flowers you made look awesome!