Friday, May 9, 2008

A peek, almost published and photo Friday

First...the peek...(come back Monday...I'll show the whole (box)!)
Here's a tiny piece of a project that's headed to NY with Maya Road for the stationary show next weekend. You can easily customize the trinkets metal flowers, by punching coordinating paper from your project, and then using it as a flower center.
And, you can also see some MR rub-ons on the fragments. Perfect for creating dimension & interest. The more I play with the fragments...the more I LOVE them. REALLY FUN stuff...
Second...almost published...
Last week I got an email from Jane Guthrie, who is the editor of Scrapbooking and Beyond and also Paper Creations. I will have a "project" published in either the winter issue of Scrapbooking & Beyond or Paper Creations. She hasn't decided just yet. YIPPEE!
So, the instructions are all typed up and the "project" has been sent and one thing is checked off the to-do list.
And today is photo Friday...
To finish up the newspaper interview, the photographer is coming this afternoon. Hopefully, he'll take photos of my studio or my art & NOT me. I HATE to have my picture taken.
Still on the to-do list...'s hard to believe that CHA summer is only about 2 months away. Assignments should be coming very soon from Maya Road. We did get a sneak peek of some new products......TOTALLY cool stuff you'll LOVE!
Also for for Stampers Anonymous & some tim/Advantus grunge stuff. Got one grungey "thing" done already...REALLY cool, if I say so myself!! HA!
And then there's the ........OOPS...can't tell you about that. It's still too soon...BUT..........I'm SOOOOOOOO excited...
I'm dieing to get a few spare minutes to ink up Rachel's new stamps too. Got some ideas brewing...just need some time.......I haven't forgot you Rachel!
Have you done a cool Maya Road mini album???
Check this out...
This challenge starts Thursday, May 1st and ends Sunday, May 11th. To enter, you simply need to upload your project to the Two Peas member gallery - don't forget to check the "Maya Road Wants To Take Your Mini Album To CHA" member challenge! Two winners will be selected on or around May 15th. Winners will have their projects displayed in the Maya Road booth at the 2008 CHA-Summer show in Chicago. Winners will also receive a $100 prize.
Here'e the 2 peas link...
(edited) to answer questions....YES!! ANY Maya Road mini albums/books. Enter to win!
Gotta run.....
Have a great weekend & Happy Mother's Day to all!
ps...for all those who said they laughed @ my furnace comments, you can laugh again today. It's 38 degrees this morning, so it's still running. GEEZ...It's May 9th.........


Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Wendy - we've got you beat! 22 degrees this am! But it will warm up..

So how cool is it to 'be you' right now??? I just love this post! You are 'in the zone' girl!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!! And, can't wait to see the article!

Also, on the mini album - remember the train chipboard one I won? Is Maya wanting us to be using new products or can I submit the train???

Debby said...

Maya Road is third on my list to get done by Sunday. I'm using the mini-ablum I won from you and a few other items I won at CHA. So I'll see what I can do...nothing like you can...but I'll try.

Linda Cain said...

Good news! Keep up the good work!

Rachel Greig said...

don't worry about me - just pump up that furnace and have fun creating for all of your fun projects :):)