here's how I got started...

here's how I got started...
a 20 minute podcast by Crazy BeYOUtiful

Monday, July 28, 2008

As promised...PERFECT PEARLS play

and a little ink...stamping and grungeboard too.

Let's get started...

1. Using frayed burlap distress ink on a blending tool, cover the tag. Always apply the inks from the craft sheet into the tag for a blended look.

2. I learned @ Ranger U, that the distress reinkers can be combined with water & Perfect Pearls in a mini mister, to make a color shimmer solution.

I used one dropper full of Broken China reinker & a bit of perfect green Perfect Pearls. Fill with water to the "R" in Ranger, to leave enough room to get the solution mixed.

Mist this onto the tag & dry with the heat tool.

3. This mister has tea dye reinker with water & heirloom gold Perfect Pearls.

Mist this onto the tag & dry.

4. Adding layers adds interest.

5. Stamp over the tag with Coffee Archival ink & the cool studio 490 stamp.

Try using 2 colors of ink for backgrounds. Again...this adds more layers & thus more interest.

Always use archival (or the new pigment ink) for stamping. If you decide to add more pearls or water later, your image won't be ruined, since the archival ink is waterproof.

Now...this looks like pitted old metal.

6. Using Jet Black Archival ink, stamp these flowers onto a sheet of plain grungeboard and cut out. Tim's Tonic scissors are great for cutting grungeboard.

7. When using grungeboard to make dimensional art, always stamp & color the back for a professional look.

8. Save your bits of leftover grungeboard for layering. I always color the edges of the grungeboard with black. Any light areas in a vintage piece immediately draw your eye there & detract from the vintage look.

The flowers are colored with Vintage Photo distress ink. Another favorite...

Curl the grungeboard & it MAGICALLY stays in place.

Glossy Accents works great with grungeboard.

9. Mask the poinsettia & use just the scrolls.

10. Ink the edges with black soot and pen stitch around the edge of the tag.

Stamp a saying.

11. This shows the Perfect Pearls shimmer a little better.

12. TADA!!!!!!!!!! Done.

Pretty easy & oh sooooooo much fun.

So there you have it. Perfect Pearls vintage looking backgrounds.

Try other combinations of Pearls and reinkers. Tea dye reinker is a favorite. So is faded Jeans...and then Peeled Paint and burlap...try fired brick for Christmas projects.........mix them with any color of Perfect Pearls. The possibilities are endless.

My favorite Perfect pearls colors?? Heirloom gold, perfect gold, turquoise, sunflower sparkle, perfect green...and blue smoke.

Here's another tip...
Make these backgrounds, then stamp flowers or leaves on them & cut them out for custom embellishments. they're great for cards or layouts.

I hope you enjoyed this.
Take the time for some Perfect Pearls'll like it!


Sudie said...

Time to play! cool project.

Jessica said...

There she goes again... I was taken right back to CHA with you step by step showing your tags & flowers! Awesome tutorial, Wendy! I'm so proud to say I have a 'Studio 490' tag & flower to study and duplicate!!

Thanks for sharing your tutorial!

Margie H said...

Very cool tutorial!!
Going to have to play ;0)

Sylvie said...

Your tutorial is absolutely great! Thanks for sharing.

Crafty Girl Designs said...

Thanks Wendy for such great ideas! I always love new techniques to use with some of my old favorites...

Thanks for the inspiration!


Debby said...

Thanks for blogging this. I jotted down some notes during CHA, but this is much better.

You make it look easy, but creativity is not always easy! You certainly are the queen of creativity.

Scrapthat said...

Great work, as always Wendy!! I love the whole tag! I have the reinkers in mist bottles also since Tim did the technique on his blog...must dig out and play again with them! Thanks for the inspiring work!

ginny said...

You are the new face of Stampers Anonymous!

disa said...

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