here's how I got started...

here's how I got started...
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What an AWESOME experience!

Where do I start?????????

I wanted to post yesterday, but since I took NO PHOTOS, I had to rely on friends sending me some. Let's get started..........


This was a TOTAL thrill...seeing my stamps debut in the Stampers Anonymous booth.

ALL the images are up on the site now, but later this week there will be projects posted with each stamp. Click on a stamp...get an idea for free........ I LIKE that!

One thing that I forgot to mention before is that each studio 490 set comes with a color copy of 20 projects to jump start your creativity.

This isn't a good photo, but I hope you get the idea.

Here's what the Stampers Anonymous/studio 490 display looked like........Sales were beyond my wildest dreams. After the first day Ted & Michelle said..."get going on set 2"! YIPPEE!!!!

I did have a photo taken with Ted & Michelle. I thought it would be fun for you to see Mr & Mrs Stampers Anonymous. All I need now is for some kind soul to send me that photo.

Here are the RANGER booth GIRLS. Sorry...I have no photos of the BOYS.

This was taken @ Gino's East after our "girls night out" dinner.
I LOVE ALL these girls...oh...and ALL the boys ( Justin, Alain, Tim & Joel) too.

The Ranger demoing was a TOTAL blast. I thought I might NEED the paramedics right before the show opened, but once I got started I calmed down & had a ton of fun.

I got to meet so many new friends & I FINALLY got to meet some of my blog friends. FUN!!

Perfect Pearls were a hit. I also showed some fun techniques with Ranger's new pigment inks. Both are MUST HAVES!

Another thrill...I got to see my Maya Road friends again. Talk about an amazing booth. The samples there were incredible.

Here are some closeups of a few of my favorite new products...

I LOVE the colors & the quality of these flowers. I'll be ordering a boatload........The felt are so cool. Each bead is sewn on individually. I'm glad that's not my job...Look @ the suede ones...double stitched...YUM!

These trims are even cuter than I expected. I knew they were mini, but when I saw them in person........WOW!! TOO CUTE!

This shows the size as compared to a dime. I LOVE the muted colors. Yep...add those babies to my order!

I got a sample of the new Maya Mists...wait 'til you see these. I tried charcoal on a chipboard flower. You get FULL coverage and it was dry before I put the lid back on. I WILL be getting ALL the colors. Next, I tried it on grungeboard. PERFECT! It took about a minute to dry...again...I LOVED the coverage. Talk about making things quick and easy.

Ok...that's the update so far. I'll be back soon with more photos...(if I get some).

Thanks so much for all your kind comments.


Erin Glee said...

Welcome home, Wendy! At least you have SOME pictures to show us! Your "Studio 490" section of the booth looks great! And congrats on the go-ahead to start designing stage #2 ! That must feel really great!
All the new products make me feel like the ultimate CONSUMER~I WANT IT ALL!

Jenna Franklin said...

I tried to find you several times but the timing just seemed "off", lol! Sorry I missed meeting you, but got to look at your stamps (and all your gorgeous work - I have LOTS of pics of your stuff!) up close and personal! Even better in person! Hehe - I was in the Maya Road booth going "oooh look! That one, and that one and ooh, I recognize that one", lol!

Linda Cain said...

You guys have no idea how cool these stamps are until you see them in person!!! I didn't take any pictures of you, Wendy, because I know how you hate having your picture taken...and you had enough stress!! So, sorry, I have no pics of you...but lots of other uninhibited people there at CHA!
Great Job!
Linda Cain

Lisa V said...

Congratulations, Wendy!! We already have orders for your stamps at the store!!! Now we just have to get the "famous" Wendy Vecchi in for a class! :-) We have pictures of you--I'll get them sent to you. We're really looking forward to our first shipment!

Sudie said...

Congrats, Wendy. Your stamps looked awesome. I cannot wait for them to arrive at our store.

Debby said...

Wendy it was such a pleasure to meet you at CHA. You are wonderful. You demo-ed perfectly with the PERFECT PEARLS!!!! Your stamps were certainly the hit of the show. I did get photos of your stamps at SA, but none of you. :{ I tried, but was respectful. Well, what are you going to do now?

Margie H said...

Hey there!!!!
It was SO SO GOOD to meet you face-to-face, Miss Wendy!!!
I emailed you pics that I had of you and your stamp-related ones too!
Enjoy them! xoxoxo

Sandy Wiley said...

wendy i am so happy for you! your stamps look awesome!

Paper Patti said...

It was great fun working and playing with you. Congrats on the success of your stamp line. I ordered them all and can't wait to get them.