Thursday, July 3, 2008

stamp talk...

On to 2 more pages of the "my collections" album.

One of the other things that I collect is rubber stamps with the word ART. I can spot an ART stamp miles away!

Here's page 2 of the spread...loaded with Maya Road goodies...and a little crackle paint on the number.

And speaking of STAMPS... a little more about studio 490 stamps...

There are 7 "sets" total...and each set has a name...I used ART in each of the "set" names. See how this ties to the above??

I mentioned earlier that all the sets will be the cling mounted style....HOWEVER......Michelle said yesterday that they chose 17 to be available wood mounted too. So yesterday my job was to name those 17 stamps individually, so that they can be found in the catalog.... FUN.

And...wait 'til you see the white storage sheets and the storage album..ALBUM??

YEP...Hopefully they are on the way here for me to see too.

Michelle was happy with the (grungy) samples I sent..YIPPEE...and they have been photographed for the catalog and for the website too. Now they'll be packaged up & sent to Chicago for display in the Art Gone Wild/Stampers Anonymous booth, #3035. I'll probably faint when I see them there...never in my wildest dreams did I expect this...sniff...sniff... get me a kleenex!!

Ok...I'm done...

I hope your holiday "sparkles"...get it?
wendy more "stamp" thing...check out the grungy tag @ Darkroom Door. Rachel's stamps are great fun for grungeboard.


Linda Cain said...

Well there ya go! This should make some people happy! HA! Love the project here today....can't wait for CHA!!!!!!

borcherding said...

OMG!! Talk about knowing a CELEBRITY!!! AWESOME!! SO freakin' excited for you! I just can't even imagine!!!! That is absolutely WONDERFUL!! I can't wait to see the WHOLE collection!!! Have a wonderful
4th of July!! :-)

Erin Glee said...

Other sites are doing sneek peaks, why can't you show us anything yet? As you know, Maya Road has shown the WHOLE wing album~wow I love that... did you get to play with one, as a Design Team member? That Grungy tag over at DD is one of my favorite things you've created!

Hope your weekend is a beautiful explosion of fun!

Sue McGettigan said...

Oh my goodness you're going to have your own line of stamps? Swoon!! That's just wonderful, congratulations!

Debby said...

Wendy, Dream with your Eyes Wide Open! Isn't it wonderful to see Dreams come to pass!