Monday, January 21, 2008

900 visits...27 comments and ONE WINNER!!

Here's the evidence..........Only one comment with the right combo...
But first...Note that Shari Carroll made herself THE #1 specimen! HA! too funny! The story behind her offering is a story for another day...but VERY funny!
Since the very first rubber stamp I ever bought was Hero Arts, I was thrilled to meet her. She is THE rubber stamping queen @ Hero & I'm the president of her fan club. Her stamping is to die for cool!
I figured Tim would be easy for everyone to guess. With all the guesses of Robin, she sure knows now that she's a celebrity.
Well this was fun. Next time the PRIZE will be something that I made & has been posted on the blog. Stay don't want to miss it!
Oh more thing.....................
RACHEL GREIG!! YOU WIN!! There will a goodie box on the way to you!!
Thanks for ALL the visits, my friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stay warm.


Glee-scrap said...

Congratulations Rachel! I love your blog...glad you won! Your photograghy is wonderful(love the edge effects/brush? that you have around them, too)...and your Mr. DS with the "imagine" over his Speedo? HA! Too funny!

Thanks for doing this fun little contest, Wendy. I hope you are staying all warm and inky in your beautiful Studio. BTW, my first rubber stamp was "All Night Media, Inc.", vintage 1978...yes, we've been together since I was in H.S.!

Peace & Love, Erin : )

Valonda L. said...

Congrats Rachel! And Wendy, this was fun, thanks for having this little contest, and sharing your super cool journal with us. Maybe someday I'll get YOUR autograph. :)
Valonda L.

Rachel Greig said...

NO WAY!!!!!!! GET OUT!!!! After I read everyone else's guesses I thought for sure that I guessed wrong! but no, I was right! FANTASTIC!!! I'm just happy to have guessed correctly, but to have a prize coming from your house, now that is something else! :) Thank you Wendy - and please autograph it for me ok! :)

Thanks also to the other comments about my blog! Made my day!


congrats rachel good to see you win something ... lol this was fun wendy ... i was sure it was going to be beam and holtz all well next time ... have a great week

Jen Crossley said...

Congrats Rachel,This was alot of fun Wendy

Paula said...

Congrats to the winner, I didn't enter because I would have guessed Tim, but had no idea who the other one was. It was fun to see who actually guessed right. Enjoy your goodies, Rachel.