here's how I got started...

here's how I got started...
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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The word of the day...

Relax...and other R words...
I tried to think of something witty for the new year, but it just didn't come. So here's my thought of the day, simple as it is.
RELAX...rethink priorities...remember all the good things from your the goals for the new year. And the most important of all...
REMEMBER... live laugh LOVE have fun!
May your 2008 be THE BEST EVER!
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Linda Cain said...

A year ago would we have ever thought the things we've done this year were possible??? I think not.
Thanks for being my friend and co-conspirator along the journey to creating...whether it be art, cards, gifts, a trip to CHA, or just a fun therapy/lunch.
It's been the best of times!
Your Friend in ART,

Rachel Greig said...

Right on Wendy! Happy New Year to you too! I am so grateful that I wanted some punches and you wanted some stamps... and the rest is history! Thanks for being a fabulous friend. You know I'd shovel snow for you anyday :):)
Happy New Year!

Margie H said...

Great word & great picture! LOL!!

WOW! Rachel is willing to shovel snow for ya...she's a keeper! LOL!!

Hope we get to meet face-to-face one of these days! But in the meantime, I wish you a wonderful 2008!!

MargieH in Chicago