Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A "scraplifted " photo...

Caroline & Deb are mean...they still won't let us show our CHA projects, so once again, I HAD to steal a photo for my blog friends.
How cool is this??? It is a sheer sheet - a 12" x 12" sheet of sheer die cut in 6 patterns. They come in midnight black. BLACK!!!!!! YIPPEE!! Black co ordinates with everything!! Think of the possibilities!!!!!!!!!! I don't have this yet & it's killing me.
Ok, gotta run...come back on Thursday & I'll have a photo of a little something I made with my favorite colors!! It's a promise!
Thanks for visiting! I appreciate it!



love the sheer sheet ... cant wait to see it all released

sharon said...

What a beautiful sheet of die-cuts. Please tell who makes it and if there's any chance of it arriving in Australia anytime (in the near future would be good but us Aussies have learned to be patient or pay postage from the US lol!)



Michelle Zindorf said...

Ok, I definately want that! My mind is working over time on just how many ways it can be used. Thanks so much for the peek.