Friday, October 26, 2007

Some Irish eye candy..........

Isn't this beautiful??? This is a journal that I received @ Ranger U. It was handpainted by my new friend Eileen Miller. This photo doesn't do justice to her work. It is absolutely perfect and the details are beyond amazing.
Eileen is from Ireland and is just the sweetest person, with the cutest accent. Remember the LUCKY CHARMS commercial??? Magically delicious??? That's what she whispered in Tim's ear, right before they both blushed. We made her say it about 10 times...just too funny! Thanks Eileen. I love it...won't use it...just display it in my studio and I'll think of you everytime I see it.
Have a wonderful ARTY weekend.


Robin Beam said...

I loved signing on her apron, "You're magically creative!"


Dawn said...

This is really really pretty!