here's how I got started...

here's how I got started...
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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Finally...I scored THE Crackle Paint!!

We had a very fun bunch of gals yesterday for the canvas class. There were some new faces in the group and some friends from past classes. Thanks to everyone for coming!! I hope you all had fun. And, as requested...I will be back after Ranger U to share all the juicy details and to show some fun new techniques too.
We did a mini demo of the Distress pads, made the canvas project, shared some laughs, shared some great food and then we SHOPPED!! Imagine that!! Lots of us got this to die for Distress Crackle Paint. The shipment arrived Thursday & we sure made a big dent in the inventory. I was up @ 4:30 AM...visions of sugar plums in my!!! Crackle Paint! GEEZ!!
Let the playing begin!!
ps...Go BEARS!!
EDITED: HA! Look @ the top 2 jars. DUH...2 tea dyes. I told you I was excited!!


GREETJE said...

Congrats to you for scoring your crackle paint!!! LOL
Have fun

Penny said...

You lucky thing! It hasn't swam across the Atlantic yet but I have some on order to try. Look forward to seeing what tricks you learn for using it!

GREETJE said...

I did,t know there were so many colors of it I have only a few