here's how I got started...

here's how I got started...
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Saturday, October 13, 2007

So...what's inside all those drawers??

That seems to be a common here's one little lookie! This is a watchmakers cabinet we found. Very tiny compartments...but PERFECT for all those must have embellishments. Can you say SHOPPING??? I LOVE IT!!!

And...for those who asked, YES...the little birdie in the post below is from Maya Road. He's a microfelt guy that I stamped. He's sooo tiny & sooo cute.

Ok..... I'm off to teach the canvas class!

Stay tuned...there will be a give away & grand opening of the blog when I return from Ranger U.

Make ART!!
ps...this made me laugh. Just got an email REMINDER that I have a hotel reservation in NJ. Like I'd FORGET??? NEVER!! HA! Ranger U or bust!!


Rachel Greig said...

LOL - well here's a reminder to take your camera! I want photos!!!
Love your drawers, I'd love to fossick through them!!

Penny said...

Ooh, what lovely goodies you have! I love peeking at other's stash :)

Fossick??? Hmmm, must be an Australian to look it up!

Robin Beam said...

ooooh, is that my present? I think that will fit nicely in my house. Thank you soooo much for your generosity. :-)


cain81 said...

I've seen those drawers and there are HUNDREDS of them!!! Hundreds of DRAWERS...THEN there are the compartments!!!!

"Whoever dies with the most stuff wins" theory! Ya gotta love her!


Shelley said...

Have a GREAT time! Shelley