Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's a small world after all...........

Check this out & see some absolutely AMAZING art.

Normally I don't pass along videos or jokes...but after I watched it twice, I knew I had to share. Here's the scoop.

Now if this guy can use a rubber stamp, I'll REALLY be impressed and inspired to.........

Make ART!
ps...let me know what you think!


Sharon said...

Now THAT is amazing! Wow!

Sue said...

Oh my goodness, I wonder how those teachers who made him feel small feel now!!!
What a great guy!!

Kim Piggott said...

Well I'll go to the top of our stairs! Never seen that before but how amazing is it. No way could I have the patience to do anything like it.
How crazy is that you showing me and I live in England and hadn't seen it before. Weird or what.
Yup definitely is a small world!
darn now I have that song in my head doh!
kim xxx

Linda Cain said...

Sometimes teachers can be great motivators. My son's 1st grade teacher said he'd never be more than average...and he's worked all his life to prove her wrong. She wanted to hold him back in kindergarten because he was too excitable. Couldn't wait to raise his hand...he's never changed. But he has done a lot to prove he's a bit more than average.

Now he's a band director, and his students would march off the end on the earth for him!

Amazing, huh?

borcherding said...

Ok...I am not even sure how to respond to that post. I mean, he says it's miserable the whole time until he finishes the piece. I can't imagine spending all that time being miserable just to create something you need a microscope to see!!! INSANE!!

Erin Glee said...

Amazing but SAD! I hope he can stop feeling like he needs to "prove himself" and retires from creating microscopic statues and does something he enjoys, now that he is a millionaire! With all that patience and determination, I have no doubt he could hire a tutor that could teach him how to read and write, learning "disability" or not! Maybe that would help his self-esteem and I could continue my life without the feeling that I need to give him a hug.
Thanks for sharing that, Wendy.

Mary said...

I am so wishing I could be one of the people on that cruise with you and Tim. What an awesome time that would be. That is only dreams in my lifetime. You guys are very Blessed to be able to go and something so wonderful.