Thursday, September 4, 2008

I really did NEED this...

In addition to art stuff...I LOVE home decor. Look what I got...

It's a giant of course! This guy is over 14 inches tall...(ignore those time to edit the photo! ha!)

This is my Hobby Lobby find...and what a bargain @ only $10.00.

I have the perfect hanging spot for it...and since it's huge...that opening will be perfect for...


I bet you knew that was coming. I LOVE IT!!

This weekend is the start of a busy teaching schedule. There's something going every weekend from now 'til Thanksgiving. After that, I'll be home to get my CHA assignments done...more stamps...etc. Teaching resumes after CHA.

SO... New friends...spreading the joy of making art and using products from my favorite companies...(Ranger, Maya Road, Advantus & Stampers Anonymous). I am in heaven!

St. Louis or bust. Here we come...FOR KEEPS SAKE!
Get ready girls...We have a fun weekend planned for you!

Thanks for visiting!
ps...Grab some kleenex & head over to tim's blog. It's total drool material...GEEEEEEEEEEZ...this boy has wayyyyyyyyy too much talent. VERY COOL CLASSES.......For those of you living on the are VERY LUCKY girls...and I live in Illinois...too bad!


Kim Piggott said...

wow this is so cool!!!!!!!!!!

borcherding said...

WOOHOO!! I am COUNTING the days until the weekend!!! See you Sunday Wendy!!!

Linda Cain said...

Power if back!!!! LOVE HL finds!!!!

Debby said...

I love your key hole. You find the neatest things. You, Tim, and Ali can go to the flea market and come back with a work of art. LOL I'm looking forward to hearing a report of your trip.

Ryzmomplus2 said...

Love that key hole and I Love Tim's blog - thanks for the reminder in checking it out!