here's how I got started...

here's how I got started...
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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What a weekend...and a video to watch...

I carried the camera for the 500 mile round trip & didn't even take it out of my purse...It seems that I get to visiting & it never enters my mind to take a photo. Maybe next time? Hmmm...I think I've said that before..
So...I HAD to yank the photo from Linda's blog.

THANK YOU "FOR KEEPS SAKE". It's so much fun to visit new places & meet new art friends...but there's NOTHING like seeing our old friends again. It's kind of like going home...
This is a VERY special group of art chicks. It's quite obvious that they are all friends, they all take tons of classes together & they really care for each other. Like I said...special!
But are the store employees and the owners.
It's GREAT to see that each of you ended up with wonderful projects & it makes me sooooooo happy that you were pleased with them...That makes it all worth it!
HEY gals..if anyone has photos of all the fragments books or the metal books, I'd love to post them here. My email is on the right. We need to "show off" the ART YOU MADE!
Here's a little teaser...
We got the inside scoop from Nancy W...We heard all the juicy details about Scrap St. Louis 09. We heard loud & clear that you all LOVED '08...wait 'til to see what they have planned for '09!
Hey...guess what?? We'll be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEE!
And in other breaking news...
I got an email right before we left about "qualifying for an academy award". I was totally brain dead & I had no clue what she was talking about. Yesterday I got the rest of the story.
At CHA this summer, Ranger made a video of me demoing Perfect Pearls. I completely forgot about this.
Obviously, this was not scripted by Ranger, as you'll find out...just me talking.
I just watched it, I had to laugh out loud......
What kind of word is that???
GEEZ... next time maybe I'll say metallic...(there goes my academy award).
Rick just watched & LOVED my "vintage photo" fingers. NOT!! HA~!
So, if you want more Perfect Pearls info, watch the video on Ranger's site...Check it out here.
I'll be back tomorrow with a new "guest artist" and HOPEFULLY some photos of the books we made.
Take time...


Margie H said...

LOVE your demo, Wendy! Oh, and the word "metally" is a "Wendy word!" LOL!!

Sounds like Scrap St. Louis 09 will be a BLAST!! My friend, Teresa, is planning on being there...really need to think about this event...hmmmm.

Have a great DRY day!!

borcherding said...

Hi Wendy!! I just typed out a long response and it disappeared. UGH!! It was so good to see you again and I love your class because I always walk away feeling SO inspired and I can't wait to CREATE!! I think I've looked at my Christmas hanging about 20 times and each time I think...."da** that looks gooood!" LOL!!!! Thanks for all the inspiration and another wonderful class!!

Debby said...

Thank you for the video. That was a great refresher course. I'll go their often until I get PERFECT PEARLS PERFECT!!!

I'm glad you had a wonderful time teaching. I'm aching to take your classes in SC. Whoo Hoo

KAT said...

Wendy - great video.... You fingers may look like they lost the ink war but your nails look fab and honey that ring... Wow are you a lucky woman!!!

KAT said... more thing... Can't wait to see samples of your class!!! Hoping that you'll do one in Ohio soon... Hmmmm maybe at Stamplistic - I am taking classes from Tim there in October - hopefully you'll be next!!!

Paper Patti said...

Oh, yeah....forgot to mention your video was posted. Would have been nice, huh. You did an awesome job in your demo!!!

Hazel said...

Thanks for posting the link to that video. It was really nice to hear a voice rather than just read words; your enthusiasm was very infectious. Thanks for sharing.

Rachel Greig said...

Great video!!!!!! I wanted YOU to say Marmalade ;) LOL Loved seeing you using your new stamps too.

Lisa M .Pace said...

You did an awesome job and you make stamping look SO EASY! I can't wait to see you in October.

Kim Piggott said...

Wow those cards are spectacular love those leaves, I bought a copy of craft stamper mag and there they were a pic of your stamps from the CHA show with your leaves on. They look so scrummy. So glad your teaching tour is on course sounds like your having a ball. I want that truck!
Just going to check out that video, have my own little bit of wendy teach time.
kim x

Erin Glee said...

Great Demo video~you are good it... made me want to play!