here's how I got started...

here's how I got started...
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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Under Cover, out takes, stand in actors and stash...

Incase you don't get the emails from Cloth Paper Scissors...I thought I'd show you what they sent out yesterday.

Last week, Cate emailed & asked the name of the first cat I used. I had no clue why...

Here's the from their newsletter...

'Under Cover' with Studios, or 'How'd you get that cat to pose?'

We and cover studio artist Wendy Vecchi have received many comments about the cat who graces the cover of the fall Studios Issue, on newsstands October 7. The most common remarks are:

"Please use the version with the cat," and, "How did you get the cat to pose?"

First, the story of the cat vs. no-cat covers. The cover you may have seen on our website without the cat is the original photo that Wendy took herself and sent to us as part of her Studios submission. We liked it so much we decided to use one like it for the cover.

However, for various reasons covers must be shot with a very high resolution camera. We used Wendy's original photo in our promotional pieces online and in our other publications until the cover shot could be taken and processed. So don't worry: the cat stays in the picture!

Second, how did we get the cat to pose? As anyone with a cat knows, felines are not predisposed to do what their humans tell them. In fact, Wendy's cat Ringo, who was originally "booked" for the shoot, got quite affronted and was uncooperative. So her other cat, Ranger, was brought in, and this time Wendy was prepared: she bribed him with his favorite treat, fried chicken. Result? Good kitty, and good picture.

Now that you've gone "under cover" with Studios, be sure to reserve your copy now by pre-ordering on our website.

And just so Ringo gets his "second of fame"'s the original actor, in a shot I took.

Cute...but this guy has a mind of his own. the max...

Besides the comments about the cat, I've gotten a boatload of emails asking what could possibly be in all those drawers.

So...after I get my copy of STUDIOS & see which photos were used on the inside... I'll open some of them & show you THE STASH!
And speaking of stash..............Look @ what arrived yesterday!

The gals in our classes @ For Keeps Sake in St. Louis get to christen these new studio490 stamps this weekend.
Ahhhhhh...There's nothing as exciting as a box FULL of new rubber!
We'll have fun with these!!
Have a great Wednesday!
I think I'll go look @ some stamps....


Kim Piggott said...

Wow what a treasure trove! Your class is going to be swooning over these. Hey have your little stars got their agents sorted yet, looks like they are going to need one.
kim x

Linda Cain said...

I agree, NOTHING like the smell of new rubber!!! See you in St. Louie!
Your Partner in Crime,

Debby said...

I love the story of your cats. Ranger did a wonderful job as a stand in! LOL

The Crafty Scrapper said...

Finally got my hands on some of your stamps! AWESOME is just not a big enough word. I'm also in love with your studio. I love all the drawers and know I would have them super full. One can just never have enough drawer space.