here's how I got started...

here's how I got started...
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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tagged by the boss & 6 others...

again! YIKES!!!

I've had this on the TO-DO list for 2 weeks, but now that Maya Road Caroline tagged me...I better do it, so I don't get fired! HA!


7 random facts...followed by 7 tags...

1. I HATE white pop dots. They should be outlawed. Black is better for art, because they are much less noticable. Think about it...Make a nice vintage looking project...those white pop dots are WAYYYY too much contrast & ruin your project. The only reasonable use for them is to attach chipboard to your craft sheet, when something needs to be painted.

2. If buttons are attached to a layout or art project, I think they should have thread in the holes...or brads...whatever. I think they look unfinished with naked holes and you see the adhesive too.

3. According to my brother...I'm not in this century, because I don't do texting. No time for that! If it's or send an email! I need both hands for art!

4. I HATE wire hangers. I only use padded. Who wants those ugly shoulder stretchy marks?? YUCK!

5. All my clothes face the same direction in the closet...yes...I know what you're thinking. She's a total wacko!! Don't care!!

6. I said before that I LOVE to vacuum. I even vacuum inside the refrigerator. caught one day & he thought I had totally flipped. But...those onions shed their skins in the veggie bin...sucked them right out & went about my business. Simple.

7. Now referring back to #5...I have the freezer drawer the same way.... all lined up & organized. My brother's girlfriend gets entertained when she visits by opening that drawer. It makes her laugh every time. I actually think she's trying to catch a mess...SORRY! It won't happen!

Looks like quite a few folks think I'm a nut case...Oh well...that's me.

Now for the TAGS...
1. Kim Hughes...rubber stamp ARTIST!
2. Michelle Cutts...Oh wait...she doesn't have a blog...maybe this will give her a gentle hint.
3. Candi Tardio...she shops more than I do!
4.Patti Behan...she takes care of my Ranger orders. Gotta suckup to her...
5. I'll do Ginny again...she always writes cool stuff. Sorry to nab you again Ginny!
6. Suzy Plantamura...she's back on our DT! YIPPEE!
7. Katie CHA suitemate!

CONGRATS to ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

We're over the 100 comments! Keep them coming 'til Monday's drawing. I think I'll have Michelle pick a number, so no one is mad @ me!! Stay tuned.

And the back of the fragments journal cover...kind of appropriate right here!



wendy said...

Ok, I'm laughing because I think I had to agree with every one of those facts. Except you wouldn't want to look in my freezer right now. It all kinda got shoved in there in a rush after grocery day. Its a mess and its driving me nuts. Maybe its something about the name Wendy, LOL!

another one of my favorite stamps...the anthology cling set. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Debby said...

I so love your fragment album. Great job.

I checked out the gallery to get some ideas and I loved what was done with the stamp set "Road Trip." Very cool Michelle.

Rachel Greig said...

Vacuuming the fridge..... hmmmmm.... that made me laugh!

Iscrap said...

wow, your so like me.. I hate wire hangers..however I use plastic ones. Everything is facing the same way in all the closets..including the babies sleepers! Everything is organized by type: long sleeve, short sleeve, tank top, pants, jeans, skirts..and then by colour..ack! Don't tell anyone!


have to say vacumming the fridge is wierd... LOL i vacum the patio .. much easier than sweeping

kitkat said...

Wow, 100 comments already for Stampers Anonymous - not surprising though as they have beautiful stamps!! Too many that I love, unfortunately none that I've bought as they are not available where I live :( One of my favourites is the Dragonfly Legend - so many possibilities that I can imagine!!

Brooke said...

All of my clothes face the same way too.. ;)

Here's a funny note on your comment about wire hangers. I don't know where I got it from, but the little thingies that stick up on your shoulders from wire hangers - we call them hanger tits. Dirty I know... but they really do look like nipples. ;)