here's how I got started...

here's how I got started...
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Friday, February 1, 2008

MUM'S no longer THE WORD...NOW...SHARING is good

I just finished this about an hour ago. It's added to the box & HOPEFULLY Mr Fed-Ex will deliver ALL my art...UNDAMAGED... as promised! You can bet I'll be tracking this box hourly. 2 full months of work trusted to a stranger=scarry!!

Anyway...this is the new Villa house. It's the perfect fit for a tissue box! The "studio" letters are new & REALLY fun. Small...just what we needed. Perfect for cards, mini books & layouts too. They come in 3 different styles...check the catalog...lots of goodies there.

Here's the back...I used the Trinkets Elements flowers & blossoms and a new scroll from the Scrolls 2 tin.

Here's a little better look @ the metal flower. And now a warning...don't buy them. They are ADDICTING!!! I swear I'll need 1000. Can't you think of 20 ideas immediately??

The black metal trim is from 7 gypsies.

I had several emails asking what the sheer sheets are for. My first thought was to use them as a stencil for a cool background, since they're nice & sturdy & can be reused a ton of times. I also plan to cut them into strips for borders for cards or layouts. I know I'll be using one to embellish a jar candle too.

So...what did you think of the new releases?? Tell me your favorites.

I'll be back tomorrow with more...maybe we'll do that pink I told you about! Or...maybe the Ranger art piece...

Have a great FUN weekend. I'll be making SMALL art that I can squeeze into my suitcase.

Thanks so much!!
ps...HA! This is NOT in the keep studying. The contest starts next Friday the 8th, the day I head out. Details to be announced on Thursday the 7th. I'll get the winner figured out when I return on the 15th. The prize will be good. It's a promise!


Valonda L. said...

So many new things to love. Some of my favorites are the sheer ribbon and sheer sheets, the Scrolls II Chipboard Set, and the Sheer 2 Ring Scalloped Book. Great new stuff. Can't wait to see it in person.
Valonda L.

Margie H said...

I love the Villa! Great booth sample!! This one was the first thing that will be listed on my wish list....and it's LONG!!!!! LOL! I see you're making good use out of the metal flowers! Keep on creating! That's what I'm doing...we're snowed in! Heehee! Thanks for sharing!

Sandy Wiley said...

you rocked the villa house!

Glee-scrap said...

So many cool new additions to the MR the sheer sheets and sheer ribbon,the calendar turns, sheer keychain(bird), rubons(nature),sheer books(heart binder), chipboard keychain(wings), Scrolls 2, the Trinket blossoms(in velvet sparkle, textured & jewel ribbon...OK, the pleated blossom,too),and last but not least, Trinkets elements! That is the start of my "Dream On" list...*sigh*

ginny said...

Wendy, dear...your samples are the best! I like the Maya houses the best of everything in the new catalog.

Linda Cain said...

Me, too,Ginny...Love the little houses! Terrific work, Miss Wendy.
They will love everything at CHA!

Rachel Greig said...

I too thought those sheer sheets would be great for stencils. How cool would they be with Color Wash sprayed through them! Nice!!

Love your house too - way cool.

jill said... much fun stuff.

My favorites are the sheer books...oh and the chipboard books too. Did I mention the fab run ons :)

Lisa V said...

It's too hard to make a choice for a "favorite"!!! I love the books--they look really fun! Love the villa--again, fab work. You rock!!

Michelle McGee said...

Cool stuff, Wendy... cool stuff