Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ranger art, Maya Road & other random things...

I was thrilled to be invited to participate in Ranger's Designer Challenge along with 23 other designers. The Distress Inks come in 24 colors, thus the 24 canvases. Pretty simple concept!

Here's the scoop...

We were each given an 8 x 8 canvas, along with one color to work with. I got Vintage photo...imagine that! I was allowed to use only Vintage Photo Distress Crackle Paint, VP Distress Embossing powder, VP Distress Ink and black & white Dabbers. The art had to be contained within the canvas...nothing hanging off, but we could add any other products. I chose Maya Road flowers & a scroll from the new scrolls you couldn't guess that! The idea was to create a monochromatic piece of art, that would be 1/24th of the total. Above is the photo. The canvas above mine, done by Suze Weinburg, had fallen off & was out for repair when I had a chance to take this photo. I'll have to find out who all the other participants were, but I do know some were made by Rachel Greig (she's to the left of me), Jennifer McGuire, Donna Downey, Heidi Swapp, Theresa Collins & Suze. I'll try to get the complete list from Robin & update this later.
Here's a closer look @ Rachel's canvas. BAD photos...sorry.

Here's one ...totally not my style, but I totally loved this canvas. Doesn't it just make you smile?? Look @ that face!!

Here's another that I loved!

The other photos that I took are terrible and don't show the true beauty of them. I'll be on the lookout for more photos to share.
Here's a portion of a comment from yesterdays post. It's from my Maya Road "suite-mate" & SWEETHEART...Katie Watson. She does AMAZING art...check out her blog!'s what she said about me...
So, here is the funny thing, Wendy didn't want her "art" to go back with booth stuff, she wanted it to go back with her, so I loaded up ALL her clothes in a big garbage bag (courtesy of the front desk at the hotel!) and brought them home with me to mail to her!!
So the packing or clothes??? SIMPLE!!!
I did bring the used undies home with me! HA!
That's it!!!
Have a fun Sunday! Hope I made you laugh!
Wendy's a link to some photos from the Maya Road booth


Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

What a great opportunity!!! LOVE the canvases... And, I am loving seeing everything on your blog! Such eye candy!

Hilarious tid bit about clothes vs art... You are definitely smitten with the love of creativity!

Looking forward to seeing more!

Margie H said...

LOL!!!!! OMGosh! I think I would've packed up my art instead of my clothes! Note to self...bring extra suitcase to CHA! LOL! Thanks for the chuckle esp. during this REAL YUK day!!!

shelley said...

It looks like you had a great time! I wish I could have gone! One of these years.....! Your projects looked great!!! Shelley


i saw racheals canvas on her blog how amazing is that woman.... i thought it was fantastic the whole board looks great with all the canvas what a fantastic idea that was.

Michelle McGee said...

The canvases were great. Can you send me a jpeg of the photo? I would love to put it up on my blog.

My dear friend Margot did the blue one...