Saturday, February 2, 2008

PINK???? ME??? How did this happen??

Where does ART come from??? Hmmm.....interesting question.
I LOVE colors, both brights and pastels, but never use them. Believe me I've tried, but usually my attempt heads straight for the trash. SAD, but true.

In our latest box of Maya Road goodies, we were gifted with some papers from Daisy D. For some unknown reason, I just HAD to try pink AGAIN. Above is the result.

Here's a closer view of a totally cool NEW clear "admit one" stamp. LOVE IT!!!

It hangs by some fun velvet ric rak, which is another addicting product.

So there you have it. My first acceptable pink project. Once I finished this one...I HAD to do a few pink...but that's info for another posting.

Let me know what you think. BE HONEST! Keep this in mind...If you make me cry, you'll be disqualified from the upcoming contest! HA! Just kidding!! Hmmm...but then again...maybe not......

Happy Saturday to all my blog friends!
ps...the large chipboard heart & the "trust your heart" stamp are from Hero Arts.


ginny said...

Wendy, it is wonderful. I like the positive-negative use of the heart and the combination of patterns. As always, your cards are little works of art.

Margie H said...

PINK?! Had to do a double take and make sure I was clicking onto the right blog! LOL!! Great stuff, Miss Wendy!

Are you getting excited for CHA?! It's getting close! Wish I was going with...NO WHITE STUFF!!!!

OK...back to work! TFS!

Linda Cain said...

VERY nice..great for a black and brown chick! I love your stripes and the composition is wonderful. Don't cha love the velvet ribbons...didn't think I would, but I do!

Linda said...

I think it's beautiful! And it's nice to do something totally different than you're usual look, isn't it?

Valonda L. said...

Great job. It was a bit shocking to see pink when I pulled up the blog, but not shocking at all to see that it is beautiful. Colors have a strange effect on us don't they. The really strange thing is that lately I've been finding purple showing up in my art. Purple has never been a favorite of mine, so it has surprised me to see it showing up so much. Usually my favorites are browns, black, white, and red. It's not bad to step out of the box now and then.
Valonda L.

Lynn said...

As always, just a great job! I must say, seeing pink on your blog is... well, er.... different, but it's great, none-the-less! You are wonderfully talented!

Glee-scrap said...

Your blog looks Pretty with Pink! Thumbs up for this Art piece(and that's not just because I don't want to be disqualified from your contest)!

Lisa V said...

What a fun project!!! Way out of the box for you but I love it (pink is my favorite color!!). Never would we say anything to make you cry!! :-)

sharon said...

WOW!! Love it. So unusual to see colour on your blog but it's really great. A true leap out of the Wendy 'norm' whilst keeping the Wendy 'style'.




Love the pink book not bad for some one who loves brown so much.. huge colour change for you. lol I made a canvas using grunge and distress paint to day my first real go at distress... with grugneboard of course... keep inspiring us wendy and love the last couple of posts trendy stuff

Rachel Greig said...

WOW - you do brown so well, and faded jeans so well, and black.... and now PINK! Is there anything you CAN'T do??? I agree with Ginny - your cards and projects are works of art!